Those Teens

I’m not one of those teens.

You know, the social media starlets

Who are the epitomes of “perfection.”

The ones who post Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever,

Hashtag selfie, hashtag fleek, and hashtag teen life

With thousands of likes and comments that affirm their beauty;

But I am confident.


What about those sports superstars

Who can run, dribble, hit, and spike their way to the top of college’s lists.

Their swings are perfected, every move is praised, the crowds cheer their names.

They are the future star players and MVPs of the game.

No, I’m not one of them,

But I am determined.


I’m not one of those other teens either.

The smart ones,  the intellectually gifted

That, when it comes to school, everything is a breeze.

Yeah, those teens that everyone expects to be successful

With their prize medals and technological advancements,

Who knows how they’re going to change the world,

All we know is that they’re going to be the ones to make the change.

Alas, I’m not one of them either,

But I am driven.


I’m not even those teens,

The hipsters, the cool kids, the artsy type

That can model, paint, sing, dance, or act their way through high school.

My strokes are uneven, my notes off key, and my turns fall out of place.

I cannot do what they do because I’m not those teens.

I’m simply not any of them


Because I am myself,

I am anything I want to be.

I can be a mix of two things, maybe even three,

However you cannot put a word to what makes me me.

Call me what you want, define me as what you think,

But there is one thing you should know;

I am not just one of those teens.

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