The Void

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 16:05 -- Zeeky12

As an infant, one clings to and relies on another who is greater than they. Whether it be their biological mother or their biological father. Whether it be a family friend or a grandparent. It could even be a foster parent, but no mater the case, as an infant, you need a guardian that will supply your every need. 
As one begins to grow older, they begin to experience life little by little, getting to become familiar with what's right from what's wrong. What's good from what's evil. What's innocent from what's guilty. Although that's not always the case, because in  some cases, people just can't tell the difference. They can't see what separates the two halves. Why is that though? Why is it that some learn the difference but others don't? Is it because they don't care? Or Is it because they have not been taught by the one responsible for them whenever they just were mere infants? Never the less, the one who was their caretaker throughout their young years will always have a special place within their heart.
Although, even if that "special place" is filled with the one who raised them, they still have some void within themselves. Throughout life, every human being has that void within them. People are very aware of this void, but at the same time they don't know that it's there. Meaning, deep down inside they feel as if something is missing, but they just can't put their finger on to what that something is. And that's when things start to change. That's when things start to come into their lives that they've never seen or heard before, things that they're just discovering for the 1st time, things that they didn't even know existed! And so they begin to experiment with these things to see if it will fill that void that's within. 
So some start to experiment with things like drugs, alcohol, sex. And in the mists of doing these things they feel so GOOD inside! They're like YES! I FOUND IT! THIS IS IT, THIS IS WHAT WILL TAKE THIS FEELING OF EMPTINESS INSIDE OF ME AWAY! But, then they fall......hard. And they feel even worse than before, thinking to themselves "why in the world did I even do that?!" It's because they want to be able to feel better since they know that something deep down inside them missing. 
But it's not over there. They go BACK to experimenting with drugs, with alcohol, with sex, just to get out of this low feeling that they feel after falling the 1st time since they know that in the moment of doing those things they feel GOOD! But that "good" feeling only lasts for so long.......and then they fall again, feeling even worse than before....soon it becomes a cycle...good, then they fall, good, then they fall, good then they fall. If these things are so good, then why do they continue to fall? Why is that void still there? Why don't these things fill that void? 
And soon they figure it out. They figure it out! Well, some figure it out. Others are still trapped within the cycle. But the ones who aren't they figure out that the only way to fill the void is to be accepted. So then they set out to find this acceptance and they go out far and wide in the outskirts of their school looking for somebody who wants them. Then they find that person and assume he or she is "the one." And so the next thing you know the two "fall in love" and they decided to have sex. Then days later one of the two decides that the other in fact was not "the one" they were looking for. So they leave. And the other is left desolate...all alone. Down in the dumps that the one that they were with just left. And so they fall, then go BACK to the old cycle to make themselves feel "good." Soon they come to their senses & stop, and try looking for "the one" again. Guess what? The Same exact thing that happened the 1st time happened again the 2nd time. So then they fall AGAIN & it soon becomes a cycle within a cycle that they're dealing with! Finally, later on in life they really do meet "the one" for them and they both stay together permanently, never to be departed. So now everything is fine and dandy! No more falling, no more cycle, no more trying to feel better. So the void is filled right? Wrong, not quite. Almost, but with human nature, almost never good enough. So what is the thing that is supposed to fill this empty void within? Do you know, because that is a great question! A question for me to ask you......................and for you to find out.

                            - Ezekiel Ajeigbe


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