We grow up thinking,

That Everyone can be 

Considered Beautiful.

That they are,

with a matter of fact,



Ignore the imperfections,

They are what 

Makes you perfect.

At least that is 

What they tell you.


Ignore the magiznes,

The online ads, 

The social media,

Capturing what they consider

True Beauty is.


The ones with pounds of

make up on their face.

The ones who are skinny,

petite, tan, beautiful, everything

that you are not.


Ignore the beautiful

Women that are spread

throughout our eyes

Into the world that we

are not considered to fit in 

Their eyes of beauty.


Look in the mirror,

notice the imperfections,

because that is what makes you,



Love yourself,

Love your size, your smile,

your skin color.

Love yourself.


Becuase you,


everything about you.

Is what makes you beautiful.


You define beauty,

Not the magizines,

the social media,

The internet ads,

That are thrown in your face 

every waking moment.




And will

Always be


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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