Generation Gap

The young boy was so quick to pick up a gun but never a
the young girls so eagered to twerk something but never
to desire to learn something
they wonder why they never earn nothing like respect
girls 12 years old with they assests out
teenage boys worrying about how they can
cash out
where are their priorities?

they have none

Racing to be the first one to make it out the hood
but in reality they're last ones
because if your mindset doesnt transit with your body
then your just stagnant.
The glory nd the fame you can have it
I rather see the concept of reality and grasp it.
use my body as a temple instead of bouncing
to the tempo of an upbeat song to which I don't really
understand the meaning.
Because the words are just degrading me making me
forget the true meaning of my essence
And it's a blessing that at a young age I can open up my
eyes to the lies
which a sinful world , where the devil uses rappers as a
Letting them pour negativity into our lives
And that's why
a young boy rather pick up the gun than the book
because when he sits down
and he cuts on the radio all he hears is how in the back
of his head they left bullet hole
And that's the reason why the young girl would rather
twerk, than work for her education because she is
trying too fulfill a fascination that was created by a
street rapper
Morals and values have ceased too exist
Good teachings and God is what they seem too have
Its very easy too open up a explicit novel&
Explore its depths
But when its time too comprehend the bibles teachings
you don't know where too begin or what's next
I find it odd that every word out of a youngins mouth is
too make it worse on another
When you're both young and a societal statistic
The boy who you just robbed out of his innocence
is really like your brother
The world would be a phenomenal dwelling place if the youth
was educated
Properly that is
Like how too become a young woman and a young man
Or establishing your own business
Living for HIM more and the world less
We have too learn how too take control of our own
Learn how too make life lessons out the worlds
Because its raising us wrong
Its an unfit mother
Teaching us too kill and sell our souls too a dead beat
Making us believe that was the only choice we had
That's why I'd rather move head to an India Arie song
Rather then lay my back down
At a kick back and watch him get his grind on , on my body
You should listen wisely to lyrics that your gyrating too
Yeah we love it and they if loving you is wrong then I don't want to be right
Well I'd rather be right if being wrong leaves me a year later with toddler who cry's all night
And depends on me when I'm still depending on them
And I'd rather listen too smooth words of poetry
Deeply inspiring me
Rather Then hardcore rap that intices me too slap the......
Out of the next person who walks by me
I'd rather stay closed in and secluded from a world full of thots
Which I thought
That word meant Idea
You can see how our
well my generation is molding our society forcing everybody
to conform into their definition of a sex-ioty
Cause that's their only priority
To explore with me
And I don't mean Explorer me
I mean explore with me
They said forget your intellect
Let me get between your legs and Connect
Like the internet
Where a young girl on instagram transforms into a grown woman
And looses her worth with a half shirt and 1000 likes
That's just 2000 taps on your phone and she willing too unbutton her clothes and sell her soul
Too a young boy who just doesn't know
Whos being raised by street songs &2 wrongs
Don't make it right but how was they suppose to know?
I mean they're ignorant to the reality
They lack the mentality
Its a Generational gap that needs to be closed quickly the generation gap that prevents the youth from thinking swiftly.
I mean clearly its the generation gap that separate the young black woman from the young black hood rat-a-tat-tat
Who's that?.
That's our ancestors telling me they want their youth back!
From the gangs, the poles and lord knows whatever else the young mind attracts, or lacks
Think back
If you were to collapse what could toy have have back
Besides a few lame raps and a couple of guys that can say they hit that?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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