Broken Woman

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:40 -- kajehe


United States
32° 57' 56.5236" N, 117° 6' 52.956" W

She was never the type to fall in love
Rather fall into bed
"Having a good time" was one of her mottos
Got what she wanted then fled
Hell no she didn’t want no ring on her finger
That type of shit was like ownership
The thought never lingered
Always living for today’s satisfaction
Not caring what tomorrow would bring
Every guy she met
Was just like a summer fling
Didn’t give two shits about anyone but her own
Miss Independent, red-hot fire, yet so alone
Nobody to care for her
She was surrounded by constant strangers
No clue whatsoever to all the dangers
Free spirit, loud, spunky, vivacious
Never stable, always moving forward, oh good gracious
Money was tight, job was hopeless
Soon to be evicted, damn that’s bogus
She was lost into the game of prostitution
What a poor soul with no education
A baby in the making, a mother breaking down
Her mind’s falling apart, the queen’s giving up her crown
Reality’s finally settling in, her fantasies fading away
Cries day in and day out
Only thing is to pray
Always wishing for an easier life
For better days
But sometimes things
Just don’t go your way


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