Witching Hour

Thu, 05/12/2016 - 13:11 -- knicole

Late night conversations make you learn a lot about the people you thought you knew,

with liquor savored on our lips, and the night sky above, everything seemed infinite.

A toxic mix of liquid courage and silence caused secrets to make their debut,

I listened to my friends words, forming stories that were all but innocent.


Denise, our class valedictorian, in a small metal tin,

keeps her best friend Ritalin close by her side when she needs an improvement.

She buys it from Bobby, during C lunch hour, her parents ideal of an original sin.

“I mean if I didn’t take it, then I’d just be a terribLe student.”


Who would have thought that Brandon, the beloved jock,

would have tried to take his own life just last week.

Sitting in his fathers chair, holding his grandfathers glock-

“But I couldn’t do it without hearing my old mans critiques.”


Silence returns “what about you?” they looked at me, their bloodshot eyes filled with dread

I brought the bottle to my lips and looked up at the moon; some things are better left unsaid.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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