Teen Homelessness


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Everyday we’re coming up with lame excuses. Throwing things here and there about why our life is useless.
We as teens don’t understand. Whether what is good or what is bad.
About life.
It can start in many ways. This thing that corrupts teens everyday.
They’re forced into it by useless parents. Or they decide that they can be self-dependent.
This lifestyle is oh not so very rare. Teens everywhere do not have care.
They hide in alleyways downtown. All kinds. White, yellow, black, and brown.
Teens like us.
We go home to warm beds, hugs, and food. While they struggle around the streets just hoping for good.
They’re judged by passing people all the time. Being homeless though, is not a crime.
Teens plead with their eyes. But we just walk by and despise.
Drugs, alcohol, stupid mistakes is what we assume. We never think about what we could do.
Shelters, signs, fund raisers, money. All things we could do to make their lives non-crummy.
So get off your feet and spread the word. Teen homelessness is something that should be heard.

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