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So young and bold,
we are too proud to admit that we care--
Yet, we still have no care in our world.
We are the gold miners of the Earth.
Digging in the dust and in ourselves,
we blindly discover life without even knowing it.
We search for what we want but can’t understand.
Dreaming is a lifestyle, regardless of how much we
say we know that they may not come true.
We dream of perfection and clarity.
Our train of thought changes faster than
a clock can even anticipate the next second.
Indecisive, we want to live in this moment,
but aren’t patient enough to wait for
the next stage in our lives.
As much as we’d like to think we’re full,
life hasn’t even served itself yet.
This is only the beginning and as we grow,
our eyes will open wider and wider,
embracing the world for what it is,
and understanding ourselves and who we are.
We are architects of the world,
refacing its foundation with our lives.


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