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today i took a walk a not so normal silence there wasnt any talk but then it started raining the rain wasnt water it was almost draining really just like slaughter
Upon the place fate set aside,  there will be no forget-me-nots. There will be no roses adored in gold, nor any violets or honeysuckle. Cursed is this fate, holding onto the limbs of destiny.
(Nobody likes me) " FUCK YOU" "YOU DONT know rap" "pussy" "loser" "go kill yourself"
Verse 1) ive got snake eyes, I can barely wait for tonight I'm paranoid praying hat I dont see a satan. i'm impatiently waiting still debatin for this new world nation....
I’ll lead you to the pool   Undress you for your somber dive   Bid you prayers and warnings   Love on my breath, our lips   And you dip beneath the stillness   
I am a warrior. A warrior of blood and bone. A warrior of heart and tears. A warrior. A warrior who cries so many tears that she competes with rivers.
“Don’t stop.” “You deserve this” “You should just do it” That’s what kept replaying in her head over and over. As she was reopening old cuts.
Little things. Little talks, endless conversations. Little laughs, great accomplishments. Progress, just two more steps. Balance, struggles. Shared interests, deep topics. Depression, stress, troubles..
A drop of water. Insignificant, invisible, powerless Falling down, down, down,  Onto the surface of a pond. Creating a ripple,
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
sometimes i hurt so much, physical pain from a mental enemy sometimes i don't want to be alive, tears trailing and flooding life   truth is, once it's introduced itself it never really leaves
Now I’m A DEEP Thinking Guy When It Comes To Life... So That’s CLEARLY WHY My Rhymes DON’T SHINE... !!! In The Minds of The BLIND Who Are Part of Mankind... !!! Who Run DEEP Like FINES That Are Now Applied...
Glass spiraling down, and everything seems slow motion. A high pitched crash as glass shatters is a perfect example of my emotions.
The Note 
For all actions logical or senseless, there are consequences. And at times I'm offended and become defensive, since this extensive, fundamental lesson is intended, to be a comprehensive theory that is essential.  
Freedom of thoughts   All my thoughts and my will are free now.The compulsion and urge for success is now over.   There the last veil is also falling,and reveals the true vultures.
was, wenn wir beide geh‘nkein licht am ende seh‘ndie liebe nur noch scheinwussten können nicht zusammen sein habe nie so geliebt wie dichoder diente es nur zum schutz für michwollte nie sehen wie du bistoder dir sagen du wirst vermisst wurden vom
You realize what you’ve done The minute the words trailed off your breath and gently breathed life into the reality of what has really been going on for months. You see it in her face.
Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
By the grave I saw the cloudsThe thundery taint taintingI crave the clerical, cloudy comorosAnd its eyes have all the taintingAnd the thunderclouds never tarnishingMy grayness, I could not awaken Deep into that
Go deeper,Shallow into the depths of your soul. Find your inner song.
oh how you entice me brown hair green eyes  and that perfect smile  it’s like your asking for me to stare   but you don’t come with a warning
 why is it so hard for me to find happiness? maybe because that i don’t know whats happiness for me.
I stood lonely at the picnic, seeing all the laughing and smiling faces. I slowly squeezed the bottle and watched as the mustard slowly squirted on the hotdog, the color, almost like a yolk, made me think very pensive.
Thought: Deep?   People would ask,   Why is it always something "deep" with you?   I mean, I think being "deep" just shows our perspective or understanding of whatever the topic is,  
We ask the question, Why lie?   Well you see,  We aren’t the only ones being lied to   Everything is lies  
I wanna see you shine I wanna see you breathe life into the universe Cause lately it feels like it’s falling apart I got your name tattoed on my heart
I lay in a room, feeling nothing. The dim light of the moon shines threw the window,  I lay there in silence. Where did my worries go? I wonder to myself. Life is empty, though meaningful.   
on.g.nutt,59texas,don,g,nutt.59.poem,steady deep as we creep nine ways sun up to sun down we creeping you still calling out the pureness of the thugg love steady deep in an out from the core we raw we naked butt skills from the poem of life the po
Funny things are only funny when we have time to laugh, To sing on about jolly nonsense until reality gives us a bath. The tough thing about the rules of funny is that it must begin in pain.
Never Be The Same I will never be the same as that girl the past three years   Because of that girl, I've been living in fear Because of that girl, my future won't be clear Many mistakes have been made
So covered in wounds I became one  to all that I loved, to all that I knew. A very vicious cycle of abuse.   It felt like I was walking in my sleep
Rolling thunder in the deep, take me to slumber, take me to sleep. Griding my bones all day long, I can't keep going, singing this song. A tune so repetitive, it affects me like a sedative. Feeling alive so relative.  
I slept and I slept, and I slept Sinking to an insurmountable depth Couldn’t revive or arrive for a breath Where am I, who of me is left?   This tailspin, burnout, whatever you call it
They ask are you good? I answer with my mask and feel like a empty cask I´m fine so everyone around me can shine can you see the skyline I´am supine being on my back it´s all black
there is another thing that I cant unseemy brother smilewhen he used to see me he used to smilebut now its clouds I hurt him so muchI cant even begin to describe what he could feel
Goodbye Mr.Funnyman. You forgot to take your bow. You left the stage in mid applause, who do we laugh at now? Was that the problem?  Our foolish eyes just didn't see
Why is it that people are so afraid of change? Do they actually find a sense of comfort in the prosaic and predictable? How is that a way to live? Is it even a way to live?
Guilt is a painful, dreadful being. Guilt is the most powerful being of all, He punctures million needles through your heart,
He makes so much sense.   He sees how I see, and thinks how I think. If only I could talk to him, then maybe we could be real good freinds, yet he leads me, he tugs my hand and head everywhere, but never aknowledges me,
I'm not going to lie. Sometimes adults underestimate me. I'm not going to brag, But I'd like to think that I'm a little more mature than my peers. Yet I'm always told that I "would never understand."
Poetry Was always there Whether the darkness was Or wasn’t Whether family was Or wasn't   Poetry
Abrasive, apparently accepted, accomplices. Blinding belligerent beasts bounded by Chaos. Caged, confined, conflicted, Deliberately demanding depression.
She's 3 feet deep  Just below the sea She's trying to reach the surface  But it's weighing her down underneath  She lost hope for eternity    She's 10 feet deep Just below the sea
If I could look into your eyes deeply, see your soul Your baby soul. Like remembering my own; you'd know I love you forreal, embraced in a cradle. Admiring soul
I am no one special You are no one special Most people can’t handle that Can you?   Kissed a guy in his 20s She was 17
I hate what I see  When I look at you. When I look at me. That reflection staring back at me Makes me want to Puke my soul out  And scream my heart out.   “You disgust me.”
Dear Darkness,   We meet again in this tragic abyss. It feels just like my lost lovers kiss. Once again, the air grows hauntingly thin. Take your pride in some fools grin.
And in the silent night i poured all of my emotions out into an ear splitting screech. it was a scream so powerful it could bring a deaf man to his knees. Following those siren-like sound waves was total destruction.
When we kissed I felt it threw out my whole body, not gonna lie I’m as scared as I can be.  How did this happen, I planned to do this carefully.  For it to be a simple fling, and look what’s happening to me. 
The true feels of a healthy relationship is one that brings out the best in you. They build you up, not bring you down.
You were a library book with the pages glued shut Sixteen years of abandoned backstory. With what pivots and plot twists do to anti-climax. You were a language I’d forgotten A play without the final act
Your entire life you have been searching for a home yet you only seem to feel at peace when he talks The way his voice soothes your soul and completes a part of you nothing else can
Deep, Dark, Consuming, Out of reach to others. Thinking, searching, not finding, the answers that are needed. There is only one place, trustworthy, safe, and unknown. Your mind is yours,
stop think about what you have done with your life have you succeeded yet have you paid your dues have you found love in life
She is So wild and deep, The forests and oceans, Would be envious of her if, They knew.
My eyes, they water My mouth, they're dry My head, it's spinning My heart, it's breaking My body, it's frail My ears, they're deaf My voice, it's mute My feet, they stumble
They wonder why, why we can't sleep at night, tell us such pretty lies, why we can't sleep at night, the anti depressants are too tight, acid and synthetics wearing off, haze of something crimson,
There is a fragile world with a city made of eggshells. Alas, The ground is always cracked And the people are made of glass.
I Am Not My Skin But why I can't I be, if being black is my reality I take it with pride and just let it be.  We don't get to choose our complexion, but we still need affection. 
  healthy relationships they are really special things they can be in each new friendship that someone brings it might be hard to find one at first but once they’re found
It’s the moment you look at them. Every single time your eyes meet, You know in your heart, there, that’s were you want to be.   
 Frost invites my fingertips; it beckons my graspEach flake kisses my lids, and paints my lashes to frostMy palms are graced by the snow, a bliss without costI lift my lids, while each step is answered by the snow’s raspEach eye of ebon sueded is
A long journey coming back from the outside world into my home, Around 40-60 minutes, I lay down and I breath heavily, So exhausted from this jog, the forests I went in gave my mind something to be distracted by, 
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better. This mental state that I am in... I can't even begin. I hope that the next time you see me
Crying. Constant tears. Cruelty as far as the eye can see. How come nobody helps me. How can nobody see. I’m in pain.
What I hate is how I don't love you but how I don't hate you, And I don't even like you yet I don't despise you But you ruined me I was never a masterpiece to begin with
A letter to mi abuela,   I love you. Even if you hate that I say it in English sometimes, it still carries the rich rivers of tamarindo & mango juice. Your favorite.
Whats a brother? not not a man composed of the same flesh and blood But a man who'll stand right next to you and get the job done He'll be there for the ups and down He'll be there for you whether you smile of frown
Night Stars, Happy Scars, Little Regrets.
Icy like mint
I'm sleepy. For all the sleep I  Didn't get last night... And the night before that, And the night before that. Your sleeping is my surviving. Your snores are my screams.
At some point in life I'll have to be honest...with myself.. with you. The truth is, I stopped caring. Not, in an I give no fvks.
Life is funny at times we have our ups and we have our down There is so much to be said and done yet nothing comes out We grow to adore and love someone, then we find out that it’s not reciprocated 
Heavy thoughts, they weigh me down. I know I'm not perfect, but I like how it sounds. I could never be the one you wanted me to be but trust me,that's something I'd never want to be.
  “Poem Cry”  Sometimes I get emotional Sometimes I cry for no reason Sometimes I feel alone
“The Flower That Grows Despite” (Rendition) of Tupac Shakur’s “The Rose That Grew from Concrete”   My blood is young, but my soul is old
“Venting Session”   Let’s talk, No WAIT! I meant  Let me vent Pour me a shot 
Life on the inclineNo longer confusedSee that sunshineThese words of mineI don't need a signCause I got you
The walls are closing, The child lies scared, all alone. Knock! Peace is no more.
The door closes  Inhale your sorrow into your lungs Breathe in insanity clouded smoke Bury the hatchet underneath the willows
The air licks the iron Of soft crimson cotton.   The red that you bleed gushes With an ache of thunder rolling through your veins.  
If I hit a low again In the witching hour from the dark room where I lay awake all alone, and I’ve gone so numb I can’t feel the aching cold
No one sees the pain you hide.they look past you like your alright.their words cut right into your throatyou cant trust your friends anymoreevery word they say knocks you down. you keep seeing death surroundyour screaming out, crying loudbut all y
The First, his bones creak. The kick of his artillery jolts his body And he moves with it, a jerky dance that goes unnoticed As the air is filled with the sound of metal and collisions –
Some dreams are worse than others, but they're all the same, a passage to a better life, it's difficult to explain, whether by knife or by rope, either way, i couldn't cope,
I have no one No one has me I am all alone Stuck in a tree The leaves are changing The birds are singing In comes new weather That fall is bringing I have no one No one has me
You ask me, What motivates me, To be Lyrically Interested? Aspiration to be ? Hmmm
Its blue depths strike fear, What life lies within its murk? I need no answers.
I don't want to stay here. Do not accept where you live. A Home. It's not a home Runaway, they're awaiting you Live, love, and learn Then be happy in return But one place isn't the right time
She walked in the room quite unsure of herself, Everyone peered up towards her self conscious frame, She felt like the last book picked on the shelf, The girl sat alone in the corner knowing she'd never feel the same.
It seems now a days im having more dreams Were im falling straight down No destination in sight No light to guide Sometimes I wish I would just reach the end Cause it seems more and more these days
Everyone talks about being real But it seems like The things that are real to them Are new cars, posting statuses, horny rap artists, bright lights, and mobile devices All these 'real' things
There's something deep about this love. Deep goes the love that flows from our Father's heart. How far does it go? We don't know, but yet we do know. Because a man died and rose from the grave.
A flower she holds But little did she know The little flower she holds Scolds every vase  THe flower she holds  Will determine her fate There is no fault  For her today
It is done I have lived my life I have had my children I have built my house But it is done   As I lay in this rose Sweet and soft Silky yet sorrowful All the while knowing
And I ask What are you?   She replied I am many things I am eternal and nonexistent I am personal yet also objective I am sometimes lost when Death is present However
    Habitually I continue my trek in and around my environment. This movement is basic and we call it muscle memory. But the memories reside in my mind. I never forget the time I have wasted waiting for my left leg to pass my right leg.
It’s not the underground railroad or the abandoned post office downtown Not the candycane flip flops or the hand-crafted gondola paddles It’s something else
Late night woken, barely alive. struggling to see the light through other's eyes. covered in darkness, covered to the core. try to show people me, but they don't see the sores.  
You see the pain, but you don't hear the cries You see the shame, but you dont hear the lies You wince with every blow,
And in the end, when the stars have all collapsed and blackholes rule the skies, when the sun dies and the moon can no longer reflect its vibrant light, when the seas take over the shores
my heart swells with memories of everyone from my past everyone i hated everyone i loved my throat is closing up and i want to go back and i wouldn’t change any little thing
You don't know the meaning of the colors you wear. You put them on to follow, so that everyone stares. You emit no emotion towards that color. No thought of it even crosses your mind. It is not to hide, or flourish.
Deeper. Can you go deeper than that, don't just scratch my surface then leave. You can't tell where we'll go from that and I'm too much of a woman to beg for you to come back.
The other day, I saw a dead tree,It’s branches broken and its roots free.It had fallen down in a storm the previous night,Knocked over by the wind and all its might.
America!   America!   Our flag is flying high   in parades held over graves   of those who have died.
He doesn't love me anymore.After all the pain he inflicted, the lies.All the other women he swept off their feet with his infinite tales of bullshitAnd meaningless "I love yous" falsely comforting them in his arms.
It's all just a big game you spawn at the beginning you start with nothing and start as nothing. You build yourself up with the misguided influence of others, you must learn all the tips and tricks
I recently wrote a poem A personal poem I've shared it with 7 people I don't know why But I was proud I let my feelings out That I usually cage up In a deep dark place In my mind With a key hidden in an abyss  No person has ever heard Or known abo
I am me. I am crazy. I am quiet. I am loud. I am not popular. I am content.   I am me. I am my playlist. I am my grades. I am small mind. I am a great mind.
Love is a strange thing. It is unique, rare and almost impossible to find.   Yet, once felt, it can overwhelm every part of your body, tingling the veins.   
My finger tips, cold Touch bare chest My heart beat, loud Frozen in time   Arms grabbed me, forcfully I had no choice I looked away, tears Blurred my vision  
With a breath as soft as the final note of a song, Kiki glanced down at the river a few hundred feet below her. I'm ready, she thought, I have to do this for me. I have to hide the pain from the heavy crusade of hits.
  The music speaks volume crying out to live it all. It begs and pleads with me. Insisting I open my quiet heart.   With every rhythm, every beat my heart expands, it opens.
I crave your love But I hate when you look at me. I hate the resentment I see in your eyes, and I hate the pity that lies underneath it.   You didn't want me,
  The instructor said, Go home and writea page tonight.And let that page come out of you---Then, it will be true.    I doubt that's all there is to it
What a nut What a crazy girl She’s lost her mind She is lost She has no guide Her pain suffers
“Within & Without”   I see you from afar, A distant blinking amidst the stars,
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
    my soul is well, yet my mind is lost in an Identity crisis.
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
My Love, did you know? The sound of your voice was and is sweet and so sincere. The taste of your lips was and is sentimentally divine. Your touch gave me astonishing goose-bumps.
ROSES are dead. VIOLETS are dead. EVERYTHING is dead. DEAD dead dead.
Love. One word. That has so much meaning and power behind it. I mean, I’m not even sure I know the value  of it is anymore. I thought I did.
People weaponize wordsSentences act as swordsOf society, they're binding chordsOf society, they are your lordsMy self-control will be the death of me
People walk the streetsIn artificial skinsTrying to please strangers they meetIt's a game that nobody wins
I am the clutter
Look around, what do you see? A look, a look is all you'll need To you, I may be nothing but a rock A part of the ever changing background
Without the fame  or popularity  Without the makeup  or the clothes  Without the crowd to back you up  or your unnecessary jokes  Without the money  or the goods  what are you? 
  No filter No color No life Just me No perfection Many flaws Reality The real me Not what I hope to be Not what I want them to see
You lift my youthful soul, A sinking ship Your icy blue waters warm me Your firy red sun chills my spine These waves we ride send us soarng through the night At daybreak we see the light
I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
There's a quote in the book and movie
I am a silhouette of a body, no, I am not a human being.
#NOFILTER Bryan Carter   Filters cover up what is on the outside,
I saw it but I held my breath 
Every day at the crack of dawn my flawless iPhone is there to wake me. Each afternoon my flawless iPhone reminds me to make some tea. All day long my flawless iPhone fills me with joy.
I am toxic. Everything I touch I kill, and not in a poetic murder 
Ocean tides and human emotions are so alike; Like how someone's heart changes over day and night;
Everything around me feels odd
Am I scared?
A movie is playing Inside my mind The type I’ve come to expect Not bygone moments Captured in the essence of time No, These are the instants Which have not occurred Or may never at all
A curtain drawn.                Hidding my true self.                               Feelings of love,                                                   Hidden.
Oh! Bringer of water, thou hast lost me! Why must I cry for help that fades Into a deeper abyss I flee
I'm surrounded by these barbie dolls their make-up so plastered like those white walls,  Noses up in the air proud and feared as if they're drowning in this atmosphere. They spit on those seats so low
I knew she was Dumb
I used to be afraid to come out and say look, you hurt me Hurt me with the pain of a billion crying souls crushing mine like the compression Of earths plates Here comes me seeping out the seams like magma from a volcano
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
Death come swift and life run true   rivers, life a vengeful rue     Nothing's right   Not anymore ... Empty oceans upon the shore  
Where I’m from babies are having babies, mothers are too strung out on all the drugs that grandparents have raised their teens.
Deep darkness held onto the fragile heart she carried within her chest- unspent tears in her eyes a mind that would never stop but a brain that had died.  The slow beating of a broken soul
Roots that dig deep; as far as the eyes can't see Kind as the wind, old as a tree Love that builds life A Trifiling adventure  Family builds and breaks all, wary as you enter
I watched you fall, limbs and sins Sitting there watching all the pain you soaked in Dancing on your heart, laughing at your words,
They all want my autograph but they don't know how I write it   The things I read behind closed doors made me who I am- but how can I be what I have read if I cannot speak out loud?  
    Speak, shout, they must know It happened behind a closed door. Arrogance, mannish poison coursing through his veins,  Twenty minutes ago she came in but left.
Keep this one dear to your heart Cause this ain't a car that you gotta pushstart Now in the beginning God made man No doubt in my my mind that God had a plan A couple seconds later out came Eve
Growing up is scary, at least a little in all of our eyes
I've loved. I've loved and lost. But it's better to love then lost, rather than not loving at all. Better to fall, and call for help rather than not try. 
Floor 89.   I think I'm dying, Could it be that I have forgotten how to breathe? In and out with every breath my lungs repeat
This woman told me that she would rather date a blind guy than to date me Then I asked what does that mean And she told me Because he would be blind which means he can't see and I would know that he loves me
You cannot simply tell me to get over someone I love.  It's not something that can be stopped all at once. That's like telling the earth to stop revolving the sun
Ain't it funny how life is always filled with pain Take amounts that the body really can't sustain   You're so depressed, you question your own state of mind 
Night after night my dreams felt so bright because she made me shine with all my light.
The illushen of the world around me is falling appart, and now i see how cruel this world can really be. How it tests you and takes away all purity, nothing is really as it seems. I'm not a strong as i apear,
I have seen the other side, More than eight thousand miles away. I have seen the other side, And it's like nothing you've ever met before.   The streets are lined with ramshackle stores,
Many shaped who I am. Many more shaped those who shaped me. I hope with my words many will be shaped by me. A spark in darkness created a universe that we all know.
You snatched the ladder from under my feet UNpurposely. And didn't bother to stay and cover my exposed wounds.
I was never that girlI'll never be that girlI broke heartsnot the other way aroundI slid in and out of these poor boys lives like the devil in disguise
      as I lay Prints, forward; the distance   as I drift, lone wolf,
HOOK: All but one that can make this complete, All but one that can solve this mystery. VERSE: The one piece I'm looking  for it might be happiness, love, or maybe trust.
HOOK: How would you feel if I went away? How would you feel I went today? Would you still love me? Would you remember me?   VERSE: This is a story about Trevor. He was 13 and lived with his mother.
In a city where I wander,
They complain when i talk about my problems  Where can I be free? Here I guess- if you don't mind I will express myself.   It's been awhile now, In fact it's been too long.
I’m outside, enjoying the view and warm sun Guaranteed, this is where I’ll always be I hear the thump of deer, grunt of a steer
This is a short piece from my published book, And So We Fight On, sold here at .  Make sure to check it out!   -Voices of the Sea-  
Focus. Stop. Think. Escape. The World fades. I implode. A sensory overload, only within the mind The place where privacy is unconditional No cost; not a dime My sweet escape
She's the girl with beautiful browm
When you walk upon this Earth...every seed, grain of dirt, leaf, flower, weed, patch of grass, dot of sand, piece of ice, snow, rock, mud; all that you step upon is now part of your trace.
Here I speak before you today in regrettable silence, For we have become a generation to be disgraced, for not only our actions but our power.
Nothing I do can make me forget you, Everyday is your smile on my mind and your touch on my cheek, your eyes on mine as if we look away we'll go blind.
As my eyes close my mind is blown..
What I learned from my cat:
The music seems to drown out her screaming.
It doesn't make sense, how someone so young, Would hate themselves so much And feel so unloved. We pay respect to the dead, But why not to the living? Why do we only care,
Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
Remembering the good times that once existed Ooh where have they gone? So far long ago— I can tell you it has been since we’ve been “ONE”.
This life comes with so many demands..but it seem as if you  lost your understanding of being a man..but how can you be that which you have never had in your life..a man that can show or tell you the difference betwe
Change Is For The Better.. Right ? You Said For Worse of For Better.. Then Why Am I Here..
What is life? Living in a country where freedom is the key Yet, being told what to do till you die Being expected to be perfect Being expected to become rich Yet, you get critizied by the color of you skin
he had a past.  physical touching heat. he was known for his drive his reputation was based on his tendency to always have a beautiful, flawless girl who gave herself freely.  
I'm washed out. Killing myself over how to be the brightest, the one who is bold. The burden I bear on my shoulders the grades, the scores, the wins feels more like boiling water
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
At the top of the ladder is your goal. Each of the ladder's poles represents Your steps and efforts to get closer to that. And your soul plays a major part in your pace.
Dad, a three letter word for father. You know, it takes a man, a an to be a father. You say you ere just a kid, but so was she.So was mom.
I thought I was a goner, dead for sure I heard them talk when they thought I couldn’t All they’d ever wanted from me was more
I can feel it burn my heart, With every beat,I breathe in and out, With every beat, a bead of sweat leaves my brow. You smile at me and tuck a strand of the night behind your pale ear.
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
This is the end to what I thought would be forever
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
Take a deep breath in walk away from drama when theres a fork in the keep going straight don't stop to go left or right always continue from the way you started if you choose to go left or right
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
one hit two hit
A setting sun, a rising moon,
A place where you're rediculed, Picked on, Taunted. A place where friends,
To build the fire, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and a new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way
To build the flame, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way  
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
Life itself, Is our biggest challenge, yet our best competitor, which makes us unbalanced   As children, Were born with “life” as our Inspiration
In this darkness I fall
Eternally An origianl poem by Catelin Haight   When I read your palms I can see
First Samantha Hyde 
Dirty Shoes. You have them, I have them. But somehow, They just don't seem that dirty.
My heart was broken       Neraly Choking                  On my own tears I tried to leave       But you held the key                  And after all these years... I fell hard in love
I wish you could see    how i long for thee.   More than just predictably or physically,   but rather relentlessly   
I'm not much of a poet, and I'm sure that I show it. But if I had to pick something to change, there would be no limits, for those who have spirit, because they have everything to gain.
An empty casket appears before me I cast my eyes upon the hapless victim This man is my own self There are no mourners attending this funeraul Because the man is technically not even dead
  And there was a girl who I knew the face of well. I saw her all the time, but I couldn't find her name in my mind.
First off, I will start off by saying I’m sorry I don’t know if I actually am  My brain says I ought to be but my heart disagrees  
The world is crazy, but never slowing down  I see so many different people whenever I look around  Black, white, yellow, and red  I see all these people inside my head  But why do we hate the way people look 
I lay here bleeding From a bullet to the gutt You would think my mind would be on my life What I have amounted to The people I'm leaving behind The way his voice sounded at night
What would I change? Shit, where do I start... If only I could eliminate all the times a boyfriend stomped on my heart.  If I could erase all the times I stayed in the house,
Open your eyes   Walk down the street, Look around. Look down at your feet, Do you see it?
Confused I hate you I want to break you No I don’t What am I saying I love you
I laid out the fuse,just waiting on you. Flickering in the distance,a spark to the ignition. Emotions light up,feelings burn up. Now a pluming mystery,do you want to kiss me please?
In kindergarten they start teaching you about lines, you learn how a horizontal line is like the horizon,
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
Sitting in a room full of people but nobody can hear your scream. Walking down the halls alone as if you were in a horrible dream.
I've always wondered what goes on in other people's minds I've always wondered where life is going to take me I've always wanted to know why everything happens for a reason
Paddling so hard from the water wall behind. Too slow and i fall. Then I tumble and I roll to submerge to the unknown.
The sun rays hitting my skin,
Your touch was spiraling. Your warmth was craved.
Oh, mama End me because when you sent me to ground, my lungs caved in I dug my own hole, shovel in hand, but when I looked back at you, mama, you threw me in, and the door slammed shut
Keep your head up kid Wipe those tears from your chin Let me tell you something,
Take a seat,  and close your mouth. Let me torment you instead. The lesson for today, is role reversal; Take a seat  and take it to the head. Let me take my anger out on you,
I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I know hard work   I shuffle from class to class and fight that need for sleep. I get out of school at 2:05. From 6 -2 I deal with high school.
If heaven is a ghetto Regardless Ima make it.Ima pour my heart out and ima let The Lord take it.Ima do good even when I'm in the hood.Dealing with the struggle, we gon' make it through the troubleHave faith in god even though his signs are odd.Alw
We've known each other for quite some time, but there are still more things I hope to find. To learn to love you with every bit of me,
Like December, Like tomorrow's coming down, Shaking snowflakes to the ground, While you're waiting in bed some more, Cuz in November you were falling all around, Leaves of every color now,
You would never believe where i had landed Far from the world but still empty handed does it change a thing at all i guess i'm not one to make that call to fall or stand was my only choice
I look beyond a windows pain  A freagment of glass, with tears that stain  My life of sorrow brings out a fire  To write of things, that to me inspire  My thoughts are put into a poem 
i'm a leaf being blown across the highway. A rag doll being thrown to the side. i'm controlled by my surroundings.   i',m dependent of what others have in mind,
Why don't we love one another?Aren't we all created equally?Why do we spit words of hate,and ask for respect in return?Why do we think we're self-righteous,but ignore our mistakes?Why do we live our lives for ourselves,but feed off of others? When
Why bother about the love? To keep them happily occupied? The answer for better or worse is this: feel on the basis of knowledge and not expense.
They say education is important So why can’t it be When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test
This world is so shallow That my rain boots weep To compensate For the lack of depth In puddles they encounter. 
Blue is red Red is green My thoughts are mud Mud is dirt Save for me What you have And I shall save for you Things I do not even have Be careful, Be careless
Although we are apart He is still in my heart. He fills up my heart with love although he is up above. Cancer brought you up there and life sometimes is just not fair. I wish he were home with me
 Is there a way to avoid it? If so, I'll give up my life to  find out. If this is our destiniation after all the traveling ,then why not make it short? will it be a saint to do so?
Teachers are blind. There is so much they don't see. So much they don't understand. About us, The students.   "Getting to know you" activities aren't fun, They're uncomfortable.  
nocufsoin Confusion, oh the deep waters of confusion, It swallows you whole and stirs up your thoughts. You feelings drop down to the bottom, dark and sandy,
We constantly hide our faces, like the luminous sun shieldsbehind the colossal dusky clouds.
    Why do you teach History in English? You've got it all wrong. Why teach about English in History? Why don't you just switch jobs! I'm tired of getting confused. I'm tired of worrying about my grades. You said you'd grade my work a week ago.
He first treated you like you wore a crown. He fucked with your mind until your smile was a permanent frown. He convinced you as if you were the one at fault. Like a daily dose of a wound filled with salt.
Have you ever had a moment where you kinda just think This isn't where I'm supposed to be And you're just not where you want to be.
School.. It ain't for fools It'll never be cool ! Hey there sir, miss, profesors and principal I think, that it is really critical I must say, there is alot to change in this school
Cold hard seats.  I tug at my sweater a little more. The A.C. kicks on And I feel like meat Hanging in a locker. Tap. Tap. Tap. The girl in front Of me taps her pencil Against the desk. 
Everywhere I go I have a place for you everywhere I am I will make sure you are there I will never let you crack
Concrete wasn’t always made so harsh and solid In fact it was mostly straw When I walk without my shoes on It rubs my poor feet raw
Days like this, I often debate, why'd I let you into this space, I kept so safe. We was always on and off so it was light switch for me to switch you off.
                                                  Did you ever wish you can turn back time To that one scene in your life.   When listening to your head just didn’t seem right?  
A mind has vacated its body Escaping voids lingering deep within a battered soul With ignorance to the disconnect it harvests A storm is brewing yonder And one will become wary listening to the thunder
This healer, he produces words of wisdom His power is to reach into my soul and squeeze. He raises me up into his kingdom and brings me down upon my knees.
As the spring coils down It eventually has to spring back up From sunrise to sundown  We always hope for another sun up.   Life isnt revolved around us But for some reason we're stuck on the bus
Why do people hope for a better tomorrow? Why do we pray that times will get better? Well the answer to those questions lies within the individual. You see, it's all about perception.
I wish I could be a teddy bear Smiling no matter what Smile never leaves its face No matter how much they're drug in the mud 
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
Poeticinsecuritieshauntingunbrokendreams in placesdeep beneaththe wavesof electrolytespulsingthrougheach brandnew idea.
One Ignored  Lilies do not verbally express their want For your admiration But dear, look at her colors, do they not
my mind is the sea, so insignificant to the universe- yet so meaningful to me. a sea with shallow waters like glass where superficial thoughts lie in the masses. 
There are moments in ultimate tiredness when I feel I can see everything, sense everything, understand everything. The music starts and my thoughts wonder. I feel as though we are all part of the same being.
My mind has been reborn. Ecstasy consumes me.
There's beauty in the soul If you gaze real deep There's hope in the veins That keep the hearts beat   There imagination painting Blurred dreams behind the eyes
Radio silence leaves us staring  Face down, Into the belly of our being;  The lack of emintents conjure up our darkest thoughts  Unraveling our fraying seams, We burst undone with flavorless screams; 
Radio silence leaves us staring Face down, Into the belly of our being; The lack of emintents conjure up our darkest thoughts  Unraveling our fraying seams. We burst undone with favorless screams;
  Flowing words of love flow like music for you Your barbed phrases tearing my defenses Steal my light, my hope  Take it for yourself since I wouldn't mind it since it's you
  Flowing words of love flow like music for you Your barbed phrases tearing my defenses Steal my light, my hope  Take it for yourself since I wouldn't mind it since it's you
Bone white, the tinted light My eyes blur       As fingers bury deep The warm leather pockets       A satin-like heat Drops slide slovenly down your chin As I trace along
  It feels like I'm drowning in an endless sea of sadness The pain sears right through my lungs  As the air leaves my body I feel the darkness come for me    
One sunny day I went to the beachI was soaking in the sun like a deprived solar leachBut the longer I stayed sitting, basking in the heatThe more my mind would wander and soon I left my seat
Music Clashing sounds Rhythmic beats All ensuing me Revolving around my aurora Till it finally enters my body, euphoria Causing my internal energies to move, enigma;
You were like a painting I couldn’t finishA mural in my mind, how I planned to love youYou were my canvas,Each day you made me smile,A streak of golden yellow I’d paintEach day I woke up thinking of you,
May your thumbs be stripped from the poisonous layer, That distracts the eyes from reality, The blinks of light, the flashes away, The mind is less when near Oh can you hear my speech of words,
( Fear rules my desires Scared to love and to feel, To put my soul in a bind. Let me throw these thoughts in the fire And watch them turn into ashes.  
Last I checked , there isnt a politically correct way to express my feelings Cop cars and open bars , late nights are supposedly the "great nights" right ? Wrong ! Can i just walk to the store to get some milk ?
love is not kind it is not everlasting, nor unconditional love will appear and vanish like a bolt of lightning in such a brief moment that if not for the pain, one would question its existence
Why do I write?Is it because the wordsstop at the tip of my tongue?Is it because when I try to speak,nothing but a croak emerges?
truth, forgiveness, honesty you forgot that it goes with loyalty why did you screw me over this way your promises meant nothing to me I left you happily, without anything to say we were never meant to be
Remember our finger painting years You and me, You and I Friends... Sharing snacks and having slumbers PJ's and blankets Talking and sharing stories Remember that?
A picture is worth a thousand words but a poem is priceless. Often mistaken, misconstrued, interpreted completely different from the intended, a poem is but its creator dispersing their innermost thoughts merely to descend.
I make a guess from this heart in my chest that he looked like the the night put to rest. He had his hood thrown over his head as it hid the blood-red shed of tears. Yes he'd been misled but instead he just looked ahead.
Why must I feel like no one cares, Like its a problem for people to even be there. For the ones they say they love But only appreciate them when their so called "up above" Above this harsh and raw world we live in
The thoughts are often, the thoughts are deep, the feelings are overwhelming, she can't even sleep; her wrists are full of cuts, but her stomach is empty, when she turns off the lights,
They have been sleeping for countless years. They live to teach they live to educate Through the attentive doors come the mad men. To throw their knowledge into the fiery den,
feeling insecure, like im against the rest, or as if I was in a game trying to complete a difficult test. always having enemy's never just a few, always trying to challenge me, like what I already face will never do.
Have you ever felt like running till you couldn’t run anymoreJust grabbing a bag and jetting out the doorBeing free and running wild with the windBeing a part of something that will never end
Dark galore The minute my hands shut the door Blank music sheets spread on the floor Spiderwebs on the stairs
In days to come I write of hope, I write of beaming white. I scrawl of joy and scribble truth, and smiling, sweet aloof.
Abriet macht frie the gate had said, those who entered new they were dead. Yellow stars on their shirts, made adults and children hurt. Everything that took place, the mass killing
the rain is pouring an old man sits on a bench in an open field and looks up at the sky he reaches for the shovel he begins to dig
Wile E. on the hunt to capture Roadey Devising devious schemes To get you here with me Backfiring
FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Black America has been inspired By these words from the past But are we truly free? This question puzzles me? When our fellow brothers and sisters
like the word wealth my true nature is hidden behind Digital image or lyrical gimmicks The fiddler collects winnings when the starved jack pots though ein by jeden
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