An origianl poem by Catelin Haight


When I read your palms I can see

The map of eternity

And in the light of your eye,

A galaxy, a star-filled sky

At the bend of your smile I swoon

There lies the rising of a distant moon

But within your soul I fail to see

Each dimention of your complexity

You selfishly hate

But you selflessly love

Like God up above

 You slow the seasons

 The world on your finger

And like a long summer, you stay and linger

You are a star 

But you are blind to your shine

I thank the Maker that he made you mine

You give of yourself

and take what is yours too

And if the Heavens only knew

That when I lay my head upon your chest

I hear something different in you than in all of the rest

Something chaotic, and crazy

Yet completely clear

That I always want to be right here

In this place

Our stars and souls aligned

 Two distinct lovers

This Universe did bind

And so my hands will ever be 

In the map of your palms





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