Go deeper,
Shallow into the depths of your soul. Find your inner song.

There's things about you that I want to know. What puts a smile on your face as you awake?

Besides your phone. Besides home, Where do you comfortably belong? What thoughts race through head when you're all alone.

Go deeper,

When's the last time you just appreciated being in the sunlight.

Have you ever thought to tilt your head at the stars at night

Until your eyes water at the sight

Of the reason you were created coming to light

To you, What does that seem like?

Go deeper,

Think about your inner gift

That you have yet to expose to the globe

Bet your smiling on the inside and out with thoughts about yourself that no one even knows

A beautiful bliss

What a demise to leave this earth without unwrapping your Christmas

Go deeper,

We all have a purpose,
Some, even most, never make it to the surface
Trials and Tribulations defer dreams but its up to you to refurbish it..

Go deeper

Pull everything out of you that is locked up inside that God has put in place

Manifest a vision and self create.

Give it time  love, life is a marathon not a race. Wealth looks similar to gold mines and chains.

But the richest place on the earth is the grave. Full of people who had visions but were afraid, abides

by the system and never brave. Letting individuals tell their story and didn't write one page. Stay away from the bottom, that's where depression eats your dreams away. Clearly you're out of place.

Dig deeper into your purpose and dedicate, You've got a dream to chase.

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