Warrior Part 1

I am a warrior.

A warrior of blood and bone.

A warrior of heart and tears.

A warrior.

A warrior who cries so many tears that she competes with rivers.

A warrior whose emotions are laid out for everyone to see.

She is vulnerable and for this, some may call her weak.

She struggled to set boundaries.

Found herself getting pushed around like she was walking down a street in New York City.

Her mind was filled with negativity.

And to her, she was just being too “emotional”

She was doing too much.

It didn’t matter 

She was fine. 

Everything was fine.

So she smiled a wide grin plastered on her face.

Her heart ached, but she still managed to show kindness along the way.

She was there for everyone, except her herself.

She showered them in love and did her best to set them free.

From the baggage, they were holding.

A true empath, she found herself carrying their luggage.

The weight too much to bear, she collapses, suffocated without any air.

Her screams are silent, so she lay alone in the depth of night

Shedding the tears of a warrior's plight.


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