Wed, 10/09/2019 - 13:07 -- Mustard

I stood lonely at the picnic, seeing all the laughing and smiling faces. I slowly squeezed the bottle and watched as the mustard slowly squirted on the hotdog, the color, almost like a yolk, made me think very pensive. As I stared toward the mustard, my life felt so small, and insignificant, the mustard, it seemed as if it was the only thing that mattered. I couldn’t stop, the urge to just do nothing but eat the mustard had overtaken me. I started to pour the mustard straight into my mouth, my taste buds flourished, my mind lost all control. Before I knew it, it was gone. My mind only thought of its precious taste. As everyone stared at me, holding their children's eyes, running, seeing the monster that the mustard had made me, but it wasn’t I that was the monster, it was they. I now knew that this would be my life. Nothing more in my life was as significant. The mustard was almighty. It had taken control, I started to enforce the power of the mustard on those around me. They all had engaged in the act. The were now the Followers of Mustard. The mustard had enhanced my brain. I could see and think everything imaginable. I knew the secrets of life, I knew which condiments stood supreme. I was godlike, all knowing. Everything in life now seemed insignificant, as I had seen the end. I knew that it was all coming to an end, I knew the mustard was the only savior, I had achieved full use of my brain, all other condiments were cripaling my mind’s power. I knew that they all must be destroyed. My eyes were flooded by mustard, my thoughts uncontrollable, everything, gone. I saw life with a new tint, a yellow tint. I knew everything i’ve ever done led up to this.  My full power was locked, only behind mustard.


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