In kindergarten they start teaching you about lines, you learn how a horizontal line is like the horizon, and a vertical line is tall like a tree. You draw these lines in graphs and you think to yourself that you like lines very much, because you always remember which one is which and you‘ve begun to collect a lovely array of stickers to prove this. Now you’re older and because you’re in 8th grade you get to learn about how yes means yes and no always means no, because you’re old enough to grasp this simple concept, right? But for some reason you start to think that yes might mean maybe and no never really means no, especially if he bought you dinner and called you pretty, at least thats what all the boys in your class are saying right? Now you’re in high school and the only lines you can think about are the lines in the sidewalk that you focus on during your walk to school, because you know if you let your mind wander to anything else you might not make it to school without black lines streaming down your face.. Lines aren’t easy anymore because life isnt easy. People don’t stay on the right side of the line, and your best friend since 2nd grade sees two lines on the test instead of one because she fell for that line the boy with dark hair and light eyes said to her. So instead of focusing on lines you lay outside on the round hill and look upwards to the sky and for the first time since you learned that lines aren't just horizontal and vertical, you smile because you realize the clouds don’t have any lines, but somehow they float on and people gaze at their beauty without a second thought. You silently wonder to yourself that if people can live based on lines, maybe they can live based on clouds too.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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