Dead Hopes and Dreams


Why? Why Are you Still here.

I told you to stay.

I almost forgot I even needed you in the first place,

because I’m too stubborn, too strong, too clear.

Not clear enough, because you’re still here.

You knocked on my heart,


And I opened it!

So you walked over me like a doormat.

Here’s my hat, I’m your doorman

Well listen up, because I’m not a fan

‘cause you heat me up like I need a fan

You kill me like the Ku Klux Klan

And I hate to say that last part,

‘Cause you’re the one who has my heart,

but YOU don’t know it.

So you throw it, throw it away,

with the dead trash, and your dead hopes and dreams

because I’m your dead hopes and dreams.

And like the kings connive and the tyrants scheme

I am the one that is crushed by one above,

because you crush me with your love,

oh wait

that’s hate,

you crush me with your hate

That’s what I meant,

Just let me vent

Because you’ve got me plugged up

But I remain content

Even though it smells dead.

Because what’s rotting is your hopes and dreams

that’s me, remember me?

Your doormat, I mean your doorman

The one you forgot to toss in the back of your moving van.

I was too dirty, even for you.

I’m your dead hopes and dreams

But even those come true!

I mean, there’s you.

Just take a second, and look at it from my point of view.

There’s nothing new

And right on cue, you’re waltzing through

And I can finally see.

We never was me.

We was you all along, but I was too strong to admit it to myself.

That wasn’t strong, that was dead.

Dead Hopes and Dreams.

That’s what you wanted, I was alive and well

But you had this spell and you turned me into an evil witch

And with my own tears, i melted into a ditch and turned it into a well

Well that was good and well for you, but well enough isn’t good enough for me

And I’ve had enough of you, so use me as your doormat and your doorman and I’ll open my heart, and let you walk out, step on me as you take that last step into the deep.

And I’m alive and well again, because even dead hopes and dreams know how to scheme.

I learned from the best, even though you were just a dream, my dream,

My dead hopes and dreams but you talk to me through the deep.

Because I heard you reap what you sow,

and you teach what you know,

and you know where to go

If you’re ever alone.

Because you climbed up here once, you can do it again

And when you finally arrive, you can hold my hand

Right after I’m your doormat and your doorman

And I’ll take your hat and say, ‘Come on in’

because I’m too stubborn, too strong, too clear.

Not clear enough, because you’re still here.


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