Fear rules my desires

Scared to love and to feel,

To put my soul in a bind.

Let me throw these thoughts in the fire

And watch them turn into ashes.


The events of my past always puts me to the test.

Death, can you give me a rest?

The dark thoughts hand out invitations.

Tonight’s event is hosted by the infestation.

Those who haunt me make reservations,

Gather around and watch the show,

Watch this bottle bubble over.


Therapy, please come to me!

Please free me from this internal prison.

Music can only give me temporary happiness,

Family can only fill the void so much,

Friends can only distract me for so long,

My studies can only make me think so hard.

Death, let me feel your touch,

Be my escape, the gateway to my eternal peace or to my eternal hell.

The brink is where I stay, when I finally get the chance to meet you, the bell rings.

I slowly back away… there goes my alarm clock.


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