There's a quote in the book and movie
The Fault In Our Stars 
That says:
"There is an infinite collection of numbers between zero and one..."
Well if that's the case
Does that mean I weigh 140 infinite pounds?
Does that mean I have been heartbroken 1 infinite time?
Does that mean I have cried an infinite amount of tears?
Well does it?!
That quote proves that numbers don't matter
The number of times I fell in love with girls
The number of times I fell in love with boys
They don't matter
Numbers can be a burden at times
But you can change that
You don't have to follow the order of numbers the number line places them
Don't let numbers define you

You can have three pairs of jeans
And only one shirt
But with that one shirt an outfit can be completed
That shirt could've been $30
While the jeans cost $5 each!!
But you can still complete an infinite amount of outfits!!

Quality over quantity
Since there's an infinite amount of numbers 
The quality already becomes high-class
I have a few close friends
But the number of days we spend together are infinite
The time I ate a bag of knock-off Hot Cheetos with my best friend and her sister at 1:00 AM
Was infinite!!
The times I went bowling with my close friend when practice was over
Was infinite!!
The time my friends and I met "Brian from Jack In The Box"
Was also infinite!!
And during those moments I felt loved and cared for
Meaning the amount of friends I was with didn't matter
It's the quality of their love and compassion that mattered

And that my friends
Is proof that there is an infinite collection of numbers between zero and one




This poem is mostly referred to me experience-wise. Considering the "Brian from Jack In The Box" thing is more of an inside joke. I have always labeled myself with numbers, and once I heard that quote from The Fault In Our Stars I finally realized that numbers are infinite, therefore I can only be labeled as an infinity. No one else should feel the way I feel, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, so I want this poem to be a light at the end of every tunnel telling people that numbers are unable to define them. It's impossible! Stay amazing!

Thank you for your time.

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