Deep. Deeper. Deepest.

Can you go deeper than that, don't just scratch my surface then leave.
You can't tell where we'll go from that and I'm too much of a woman to beg for you to come back.
I deserve lots of adulation for that, time for the little girls watch a real woman in her habitat.
Back to how you treat me, on our first date I waited for you to eat me up. Instead your conversation choices heated me up.
and then we were over, just like that.
You came to quick. You disappointing dick!
I was there.
Waiting for your brain to fuck mine and create a bundle of knowledge but your conversation car had a low mileage.
Instead they had a sleazy one night stand on a table in a restaurant, I guess you figured it's the best place to get what you want.
I shut you out because you're shallow, not deep at all. I wanted you to take me to the beginning of the abyss and save me from the fall.
Instead I got in a kiddy pool, with a horny fool.
You wanted me in many ways, you thought you could get me, then it hit me. And I'm not sexually attracted to people I can't connect with, so for you I was pretty hard to get with.
I like deep, I like to talk about the harsh realities of life. I like to think about every impossible possibility there is then cut to the chase with my knowledge knife.
I like talking about conspiracy, mysteries, and mysterious conspiracies.
You speak of sex, bad bitches, money, and drugs... So mediocre, I need a mind fuck. A deeper mind fuck. Brain fuck so deep it's scary. Then I need you to say that you'll protect me.
All because I like deep. Do you get it?


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