Teenage Depression


United States
38° 51' 42.93" N, 97° 39' 17.3196" W

feeling insecure, like im against the rest, or as if I was in a game trying to complete a difficult test. always having enemy's never just a few, always trying to challenge me, like what I already face will never do. everyday I'm crying, realizing I've given up on trying. the depression is swallowing me, darkness surrounding me, mentally unstable people trying to fix me.. I'm broken? craving to be alone, faking smiles, feeling, changing my tone. I'm cracking, my colors are showing I'm breaking, confidence is lowering. crazy, sick thoughts running through my mind, trying to run away...but end up leaving my body behind. soon I'll be nothing, you will start questioning yourself. what I've always wanted will come.....leaving me cold, lifeless and numb.


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