We ARE Nature


We constantly hide our faces,
 like the luminous sun shields
behind the colossal dusky clouds.

And we try to shed off every problem,
like the trees shed off their lifeless leaves.
Yet we don't see
that by the end of the day,  
our broken hearts become
a dry brown cracked leaf
at our feet.

Even though we feel every drop of rain kissing our skin,
all we do is stand still and firm
just like a rock.

We constantly stop ourselves,
 and glimpse at our obscure and grainy path.
But admire the purple delicate petals on the ground,
which changed from light to dark.
Because we are truly staring, at
our innocence and it's fading shades
 eye to eye.

We always dream
of hearing the flutter of our wings,
as we leave the tree
that we call home.
But we don't expect to chirp for help
across the blue silky sky,
when we see our first large crack on the road.

Our moods have as many changes,
as the various stages of the sunset
on a cold windy
Winter day.

Even though we try to cover our insecurities
with our dim ridged bark,
we allow our trunks
to be filled with bumps
and hollow spaces.
And allow our branches  
to be left with out leaves.
Most importantly, we let
our individual inky shadows

We become as unstable as a bee,
 bouncing from one red Hibiscus to the next.
Joining different immense flocks to fit in,
and we forget the sense of being unique.
But it's alright
because we are just multicolored butterflies
finding our direction.


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