I Bleed

It seems now a days im having more dreams
Were im falling straight down
No destination in sight
No light to guide
Sometimes I wish I would just reach the end
Cause it seems more and more these days
Fakeing a smile is almost natural
And more and more this sadness inside
Stays inside

Im full of darkness andi cant find a light to guide me so I hide
Just going through every day waiting for the end
Hopeing mabye it will go away
So I don’t have to pretend

Try to climb out of the hole im in
But I just don’t have the will anymore
No reason to explore
In the end im back again
Standing in front of closed doors

I wonder if I screamed out
Would anyone hear me
And if they heard me
Would they care
Or would they just go on living
No time to waste on such a hopeless case
A waste of space

Im all alone in this world of hate
Stuck in this tragic state I say the things they say
Mean nothing to me
But inside
I bleed so heavily

This world tells me a lover is all I need
But nobody loves me
So for the time being
I bleed.

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