Love Essence- (This is an Ode to the Classic Tale of Romeo and Juliet)

I wanna see you shine

I wanna see you breathe life into the universe

Cause lately it feels like it’s falling apart

I got your name tattoed on my heart

But you are more than 10,000 miles away

I got your name tattoed on my heart

But you are more than 10,000 miles away

I know you still think of me

Day and night

Night through the day

Days passing through to the night

Cause if love is only a feeling

We wouldn’t be thinking about each other

So it makes me wonder if we truly love each other or not?

Is it just hormones clicking or is it true attraction?

Life partners to the very end or short moments that won’t even last?

We don’t have any of the answers

Just questions

Cause you been running through my mind recently

Heart to mind

Mind to heart

Every inch covered, cause I’m reminiscing about the time I spent with you 

The memories created, the bonds related

You know I love you,

And I know you love me,

You showed me what love meant, and you touched my heart

Cause the universe feels so infinite but with you, it’s finite

An added touch, an added purpose

Am I in over my head or my soul? 

They say mind over matter 

But shouldn’t it go heart over matter?

Or matter over mind?

Or mind over heart?

Or heart over mind?

Just questions running through my head

As you run through my head 

Every day, every moment, every breath I take based on the premise of loving you

You may far away from me and I may be far away from you

But you’re with me in spirit

You touched my heart

You touched my soul

And you still do even though you’re not present with me

Cause you are present with me

A figment of my imagination

A part of my present

And a key of my future

If love is only a feeling

Why does every moment feel like it’s dedicated to you? 

Why does every step and every breath correlate to your existence?

Cause as I sit down and ponder about the way you articulate words

And do your hair

You got me thinking 

You got me thinking

I might have just fallen in love

But is love only a feeling?

Is love created in the eyes of the lover or the lovers?

Is love a figment of my creation, my obsession?

Paralyzing my thoughts,

These questions are running and running

I can’t stop the heat from coming

Lost in the moment, the heat, it’s getting to me

It’s feeling me, it’s losing me

It’s creating me, igniting me, 

And losing me, and losing me, and losing me,

So I ask thou a question once more, is love real?

Or is it just a feeling? 

Is love only a feeling? 

Cause I fell in love with you before even I knew you,

And I don’t believe in true love,

But your eyes caught mine before I could even take my first breath, 

Staring into my soul, 

My watcher, my soulful, articulate companion

Through this life and the next

Love me and pull me close to you 

You ignite me like no other 

You contrive me like no other

You derive me like no other

I won’t ever forget you

I won’t ever stop loving you 

A thousandfold 

A thousandfold

Cause you are the poison to my heart

My kryptonite

My sole weakness

Paralyzing my heart

I’m stumbling, I’m stuttering

I’m shaking, I’m falling 

But you catch me time and time again 

But you catch me time and time again

An articulate creation of mine or a real presence in the mind, body, heart, and soul?

Is love contrived through the four or created by the four?

The mind, the body, the heart, the soul

The mind, the body, the heart, the soul

Contrived within one another

Derived within one another

Cause my existence is created from you

My sole purpose is you

My sole pain is you

My sole creation is you

Cause if the people you love truly reflect you, you are a reflection of me 

And I am a reflection of you

And then I can never forget you

I’ll always love you

You’re more than a figment of my imagination, my creation 

Because you bring out the core love in my heart, the pure love

You bring about the most valuable part of my existence

My purest love, my deepest love, my most painful love 

I carry this love 

I carry it for you

I am a custodian of love 

I build structures of love 

To protect myself and convince myself that I am not worthy of love 

But as I tear down these structures, I have a desire to share my love with you 

I have a desire to make it more than a feeling 

Instead, an active choice, a conscious choice 

To vibe and be told 

Lose control of time 

As I strip away my mechanisms of control 

I allow you to love me more and I love myself more 

You allow yourself to love me more, and you love yourself more 

Fear, passion, excitement all running through my mind when I think of you 

I fall off a cliff around you 

And my mind tries to protect my love, to not share it with you 

But I can’t push you out of mind 

Cause you see, I recognize our beautiful structures of love that we build in our minds

I recognize the humiliation, embarrassment, and vulnerability

And they limit me in the way I share my love with you

But I fell in love with you and I expressed my heart to you

I am not in control of my love structures, my love mechanisms

I am consciously aware of the way I love you

And I know our love overwhelms 

It scares, it makes us vulnerable

But to vibe and be told 

I’ll never forget you and I’ll never forget watching the sunrise with you

I’ll always share my love with you

And you’ll always share your love with me

We maximize the love we give to each other 

And we use our beautiful love structures to protect ourselves

Yet we recognize that we must preserve our love

A love lasting for generations

Our love is not limited

It is co-existed

Our love is not a figment of imagination

It’s a reality

So as I proclaim my love for you through time

Time and time again 

Time tries to defeat me 

But it can never defeat the hold you have on my heart

I fell for you and you fell for me

You touched my heart and I touched yours

This love will last through generations

Cause I love you more than I love, love 

A thousandfold

A thousandfold 

A thousandfold

A thousandfold 


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