The Note

The Note 

    You're standing there looking at the lines on the paper.    You want everything to just be ok, but you know it won't be.    You sit down, and put that pen in your hand. You start writing.    Your mind is telling you to stop, but you keep on going anyway.    Your writing as your tears roll on the pages into the words written in ink.    You stand there looking at what you have written, and noticed something...





    This isn't just any ordinary note on a piece of paper..    Its a note thats saying goodbye. A Note. Just a note that should never be read. 





    The You's now turns into I's realizing that You and I are the same.     This world brings you down to where your writing the same letter I am.


    This isn't just any ordinary note on a piece of paper..                                                                                                                                         Its a note thats saying goodbye. One little long note. Something that should never be read.


    I am sitting there at 3am looking at my arms as I see scars, scars no one should have    I stand up and look at the lines on the paper. Those lines are no longer empty. They are filled    with words of hate. Words of relieve. Relieve that it all ends soon.     I sit back down and start writing again, because apparently I have more to say.     My mind is telling me to stop, but I can't because this is something I have thought of for months.     The I's are You's the You's are We's and the We's are Us. We are all thinking the same thing.





    "Death is the solution!"  Your voice, Your Body. Your soul tells you it is.     You, I, We, Us, We're all in this together, to help get past this.     Look down at that note...     Do you need it?      NO!    Do you want it?      YES!    But, most important, do you wanna make a change? 


     Yes! BUT! You can't. you want to but Depression sweeps you up and brings you to a place...



    The Note.. The Note is the place it takes you. They welcome you with open arms. Tell you everything gonna be fine.     It's the Note...NO ONE should have to write nor read from another person.





    Don't let this be the end for you.    You can do a lot better.     You are, who you are.     But you can change! I believe you can.





    Look back at The Note I know you have one. Or I know that you are thinking about writing one.                                  Because guess what? 





    I WROTE ONE......





    Stand up and change for the better. Look at that Note and just shred it into pieces.     Cause remember....     The You's, and I's, and Us'.....We're all in this together.     The Note can tear us apart or it can make us stronger. 





    What you do is your choice    Its my choice    Its OUR CHOICE.





    Which do you choose?


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