i am not my skin

I Am Not My Skin

But why I can't I be, 
if being black is my reality 
I take it with pride and just let it be. 

We don't get to choose our complexion, 
but we still need affection. 

Because my skin is a deep shade, 
you choose to degrade me 
and imprison my mind as your slave 

Then be amazed how I overcame your shame.
When you threw laughs at my name
Like I was the one to blame. 

I used to hate my skin, 
until I looked deep within 
the beauty of black, 
which never cracks 
as a matter of fact 
so take a laugh at that. 

It's funny tho, 
the black guys 
were the ones that made me feel less than a prize 
more like a ride but never invited inside. 

But now, 
I'm more comfortable with my dark beauty, 
regardless of being called cutie 
because I made it my duty 
to see more than my booty 
which has always been Nice, 
as they called a Judy. 

I was more wanted for the action, 
instead of the self satisfaction 
of being seen based off reactions. 

You damaged me, 
that first light-skin lover 
that made me feel like no other.. 
Because I wasn't the complexion of my mother 
so you just wanted me under your covers 
but never in public-- like your other lovers.

But see, 
I learned about my beauty 
and began to accept it and reflect it . 
I Embraced it, didn't replace it with self-hatred 
and I'm glad cuZ now I feel I can create it. 

Never wanted your daughter 
because I was afraid, 
she'd be the color of my skin 
and she would never accept her divine beauty within. 

Men --and, Women too
made me feel like that old shoe. 
That, black bottom girl 
who didn't deserve to see the world 
unless she showed all her curves 
and never said two words. 


I became more than my name, 
by never seeking the fame or the gain. 
I just remained the same.. 
That little darkskin Cutie, who eventually accepted her Black Beauty.

Beauty is within,
Shade is the color.

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