The Ripple Effect

For all actions logical or senseless, there are consequences.

And at times I'm offended and become defensive,

since this extensive, fundamental lesson is intended,

to be a comprehensive theory that is essential.


the ripple effect is pure and simple logic,

with an ultimate message that is hypnotic.

the ramifications may be catastrophic,

or even idiotic, demonic, psychotic, and chaotic.


Doubtless our actions effect those around us,

its tremendous how the consequnces may be compounded,

it astounds us, confounds us, and has bound us,

the profoundest actions have results so boundless.


We must learn to be careful and never disrespectful,

there are several levels, and it isnt very helpful,

to always be a rebel, 

even if your special or successful.


Got to avoid being a careless devil, 

with a mind so feral,

so i just reside inside of my mental temple,

and learn to settle for this gentle pencil.


The ripple effect can dictate the whole of our existence,

the brilliance of the system is written,

its so vicious.our actions keep on twisting

together so fast like pistons


No point in this resistance, in this instance, 

the truth is written here, its so authentic,

im called an eccentric so splendid, so why are you skeptic,

ive presented the facts to you, so call me prophetic.


contended at being a majestic poetic

and you an unprecendented pathetic,

it can be hectic, when you understand the ripple effect, its

expected to be respected but never neglected.

     Viewed from all perspectives until this theory is perfected.


You must remember that our lives are tethered,

at the center, can never sever, stuck together,

the ripple effect is so clever, we cant forget,

whenever life is weathered, from the displeasure of an endeavor,

    Don't buckle under the pressure, you can not surrender.


The road since then has been long and brutal,

ive been betrayed by Brutus, too ruthless and cruel.

became someone unusual, when i was neutral,

ive even broken my scruples, and been less than truthful,


sought and fought for other peoples approval,

got caught in situations considered crucial,

cannot stop this onslaught, its too tough,

distraught because i forgot that few will.


i remember the night this downward spiral started,

i got outsmarted, back then i was faint hearted.

but i learned to remain guarded, to never be the departed.

around this time, I was reborn as an artist.


people were heartless and disregarded all i wrote,

until i hardened, became part of this, no joke.

listen close to these flows i compose and bestow

upon you alone, whom i chose to devote my code and hope.


I can still recall the first shot, my first time spun.

it was then that i became undone,

it was a blast, up until i crashed,

But now at last i have amassed the source of my craft,


So to you Munib, you have my eternal gratitude,

dude you truly screwed me so rudely,

but because you pursued me to include,

Kim and Gold Mouth, I will feel forever renewed.


Renewed because your actions birthed my art,

every part comes from my heart.

Therefore I must be smart from the very start,

In order to impart my message, and it's purpose.


I must be an honest person for moments of certain burden.

and at that point i may possibly be wordless, or even nervous,

but never worthless, only offer a surplus of purpose.

what's worst is im sure that whatever hurts,

    Resulted from the ripple effect, its pure.









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