We Speak

Here I speak before you today in regrettable silence,

For we have become a generation to be disgraced, for not only our actions but our power.

Or really, the mistaken ways of our actions today, the unspoken things that we wish to say and the profound absence of our power.

I do not think our founding fathers wish to see us sink any lower.

Blunt, yes, but false? No.

I see no action, no movement, nothing to prove them;

that they were wrong.

Whoever "they" are,

Can't stand to wait for you to procrascinate any longer.

Our lives go up and down like the beat of our hearts;

not controlled, it's game over, with no restart.

I used to hear screaming, and yelling, and whooping and laughing;

But the screams got louder, the yelling grew hoarse, the whooping died down, and the laughing is now empty of sound.

I cried a few notes of tears, singing a song that most of you can't hear.

You took so long to see what was happening.

When did our voices become so weak? Why do we not fight for what we seek?

It can be different, I suppose, for each person in their own mind;

Fight for different causes, and live through a different place, a different time.

But I stand here, not to hear silence, but to make some noise.

This disgusts me, how we wallow away the time on our apathetic little toys.

Don't hide behind a screen, tell me, with all the emotion you can show,

I want you to come at me with your frustration, pain, insults, shame,

Taunt me, scream at me, and come at me with your biggest blow.

Say the things you would say if you had no fear.

Go ahead, I'm listening, right here.

Because if not, just hold my hand, and grip it as hard as your fingers can.

Because I will stand beside you,

and if you need, I can speak for you.

But not just you...

I speak for people right next door, and I speak for the people all over the world. 

I speak for the white, the black, and all the races in between;

I speak for the female, the male, and the people who chose to be whatever gender they want to be.

I speak for the English, the Spanish, the German, the Chinese, all of these, and more;

I speak for the damned, the dying, the ruthless, the lying,

I speak for the deaf, the blind, the disabled, the mimes.

I speak for the kids of my generation whom are tired of being stepped on, like pests,

I speak for the adults of the ole, whom sport tired eyes, empty pockets and a thought of what could go wrong next.

I speak for those living in places not meant for shelter, eating things not meant to be be food,

I speak for those living like their life is not worth it, painting their bodies with knives and living off coffee and drugs for fuel.

I speak for the tiny lives living in the trees, the birds and the bees,

I speak for the ones who lay peacefully, and for the ones who are surviving.

I speak for the ones who lead the way, and I speak for the ones who followed their say

"I" speak for the "we" in the team, both of which are contradicting.


We speak for the good of us all,

If one of us falls, so do we all.


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