My Version of Song of Myself, by Walt Whitman

A long journey coming back from the outside world into my home,

Around 40-60 minutes, I lay down and I breath heavily,

So exhausted from this jog, the forests I went in gave my mind something to be distracted by, 

It was also windy and cloudy, with some snow on the ground

With all these factors in my head, I ran very well, 

This cold winter weather gets me going, 

When it’s summer, I can’t even breath,

When it’s summer, I get so bored,

When it’s summer, I can’t even sleep, 

This cold winter weather allows me to destress,

This cold winter weather allows me to be free,

This cold winter weather gives everyone around me the present of peace,

When I retire, I wish to live in a home, 

A habitat with windy and snowy temperatures, it will get me to a happy place for the rest of my life


I am a workout addict, which is why I look so nice,

My black and smooth hair is something that completes my appearance,

My strong and thin form gives me strength,

My intelligence gives me confidence,

I’m happy with myself, I live in a wonderful area,

With a pond near the forest I run in, 

Nobody can take me down, because I am just too happy, 

Just too positive, and just too focused,

I’ve decide that I want to make it in life,

Si or Si,

I am proud of my Bolivian heritage, and how beautiful the country I come from looks,

The place is special to me, and to my family,

My mama and papa, they planted me and grew me,

They fixed me when I was bent, and they put water on me when I loved, which is a constant waterfall,

My dog is one who I love to be with,

When I’m mad, we talk,

When I’m sad, he licks me to feel loved, 

When I’m happy, he jumps to be to embrace my emotions,

My life is so nice, nobody can talk down to me, 

Allow me to begin a new stanza


I mentioned I was determined to make it in the world,

I was lazy back then, but I can make it up now,

My drive has increased, my skills have grown and matured,

Thanking my God above, for aiding me in so far, 

I only wish I could repay him,

I wish to travel to beautiful locations, 

With me, myself, and I, we’ll get to experience it together,

I may begin to talk to everyone about my many travels,

I may come across as cocky, and showy,

But I will be proud of my life, so I wouldn't handle myself,

For right now, I’m enclosed in my room, 

Like a scientist in his/her lab, 

Searching for something new, something that will impact his/her life

Once that scientist discovers that something, he/she will be able to leave that lab, 

And go all around to different labs, ones that are better then his/her first,

My life is but a tiger, waiting to pounce,

My life is like a rose, waiting to bloom, 

My life is like an idea, waiting to be thought of,

There is no negativity in my life, only positivity and more of that and more,


I am thoughtful about the people less fortunate then I am,

If I had the money, I would buy everyone a magic stick,

So they can whack it on the ground, and get what they desire,

I pray to my God all the time, just to give hope to those,

I thank my God all the time, for the pain and the happiness I have endured so far, 

I hope I can experience new emotions or new events, bad or good,

To make my mind metal, deflecting any bullets, 

This song that I make is for me only, 

I apologize if I sound egotistical,

But I’m happy for me, 

Never do I get to talk about myself to someone except a paper or a computer, 

The letters are green, as you can see, 

But my second favorite color is blue, 

As you can see,

My sign is a virgo, the most hardworking of them all,

But can be shy at certain moments,

Like before I typed this poem, 

When I walk outside to jog, I prepare to think about my life,

Which I do often anyway,

The running gets me strong, and gets me prepared,

When I go to college and get a job, running will be my drug, 

I’ll be calm once I take it,

Some say you should not do something all the time,

But I’m going to be running for the rest of my life,

This is the song of myself, 

And I bid my readers farewell. 

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