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Speaking over the drone of decorative fountain water,
Don't twist your words as for me to not understand. I am young but I am not dumb. I can see you from your ins to your outs as you tongue tie your words. Don't waste your time, I see right through you.
Maybe at times i did things that hurt, but i tried so hard that you will always see That having you was a blessing for you and me.
mommy, you're broken. i hear you at night your bottles are clinking  it fills me with fright.   mommy, were broken, this family i think the yelling seems constant we continue to sink
t's 6:00a.m on the morning, For a day that's prolonged, aggravating and boring, You're tired, and exhausted, These are the years of our lives that are the most awkward and stressful,
They took an oath of protections and we gave them are trust. Yet in the end it's those we trust our protectors. That are our demise.
Dear Bully, I feel sorry for you you must feel so helpless so alone so hurt that you must hurt others so lost, so confused that you have no other way to act to lash out
To speak but not to be heard.
the girl they see quiet, shy, sweet, strong, the girl I am. loud, outgoing, smart, deep, I am both girls unfiltered. and im completely happy,
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
Its a feeling not a knowing. Curiosity and randomness lead me to you. I feel so blue. We are so clueless. Where to begin and where to end.
Inspired by Maxwell   Separated…it’s only temporary I keep asking questions but no one will answer me “Sir, wait outside, wait outside”
 Folded and sealed In another envelope I haven’t mailed Dealing with this sore wrist from my heavy writing Another headache from all this heavy thinking and questioning
I am so very quiet You might not know I am there But I am your listening ear I'm there to hear your problems I hear to show I care Just call my name Tell me your shame And once you're done
Mistakes, Baby I'm flawless. What you want me to be ashamed of, Baby I flaunt it. You talk and laugh about the way I look, But don't understand that my ego can't be shook.
Every aspect of my life has Always been a splintered crack between myself and who I wanted to portray.  It wasn't my fault.  I just wasn't good enough.  I was not satisfied with who I was,
I wish I could share with you the euphoria I get when I’m really, really high on life.   It feels as if I’m apart from my body. It’s like a million birds singing with me,
To be honest,  Society, It's the worst, And it's the best.
I wish they'd pay attention to the girl behind the curtain.   The sleeping lion, overlooked  because the monkey does the tricks.  I know she wants to come out But I'm nervous, and hold her in.
I stand at the horizons of other men,
I have two faces but I only show one No one knows my true face, none All you can see is my mask Nobody even cares to ask Who cares?   My real face shows my trepidation
Tugging, pulling at the curtain Waiting to come out. Waiting for someone to push me. I’m certain
When I had no place to go, your door was closed.  And when I knocked, I heard it lock. So I let the rain cover me, and as it flows with my tears, I know that I will soon have to face the mirrors.
Fidgeting, sweating palms, racing heart- Please relax I say; my insecurities can rip me apart. I'm so scared, on the fringe of fright. This disorder makes me believe that I'm not at all bright.
The stories of the Greek Theatre
  I was handed a mask at a very young age. Society offered, and like the rest I took the bait.
I drift the sea of those who offer you none.But when i witness you being giftedmy heart soars.
I am her. I am that girl who is the most liked in school. I am that girl who everyone loves. I am that girl that everyone admires. I am that girl who all the school boys like.
I am tough and I am strong but at times its not like that at all. There's a girl who gives a shit behind this wall and very few people walk through it.
Fiting into my jeans is almost as difficult as fiting in with everyone else. The fear of never being wanted is almost as scary as my fear of being "that girl."
I am rainy days, butterflies and big hazel eyes. I wonder where the rainbows end and when the sky stops. I see old book pages turn and kites soar through the air. I want to glow with kindness and radiate love.
I've made a deal with Mephistopheles, One signed in crimson blood.  I resigned a significant portion of myself To a hell in which you can't even imagine And for no greater reason than
Little ones, afraid of the dark, know more than we do. They know secrets are in the dark,
"A Poem Written at One in the Morning on a Random Thursday" or "Maybe Curtains and Masks Aren't So Bad After All" or "A P
If I were less afraid I would have turned myself inside out and shown you even the darkest sublevels of my conscience.  I would have scooped out my thoughts Like the innards of a pumpkin
Following an empty roadAnd down a narrow path
The doors open for shows at seven, And prohibit customers past eleven. When the time comes and the clock strikes the hour, Hundreds of people charge into the tower. Swarms of customers all rushing about,
The crevices of my soul Are left untouched by the purest of men. They do not craft me, I craft myself. A pretty picture I paint to the world,
The bright and perfect meShe's Ou
Why one must hide just to be accepted? Why must parents judge even when they say they won’t?   There are no reasons to lie just so we do not get criticized
    The real me that is the question
Everyone sees the young, timid girl The one who barely speaks
A gaping pit of gossip, lies, and false faces, Commanding our lives while depositing distrust, and paranoia. My team, so tight knit, knowing each other so long, Each sister victim can identify individual weaknesses.
I tend to hide what's inside I don't know how to express my mind I hide my soul behind brown eyes I want to shout at the world, but get tongue-tied   I wish that people could only see
Once a young girl,
Behind the closed doors hides a little girl She seems afraid and confused She seems scared and alone She seems weak and luckless She seems odd and unwanted She seems ugly and depressed
Life's a beach, the bugs dieLittle ones fall, moma cryLife's a beach, the water dirtyBullies, messin around with nerdiesLife's a beach, the sand is flat
Why talk when you sing?Why speak when you can prea
I am no superhero, but I wear a mask. My mind is morbid and macabre, My face is stoic and static.   What am I thinking? "Nothing," I will answer. It's my inaction that becomes my reaction,
I don't like having to act like someone I'm not,
So I'll put on some liquid courage to get me through the day,
What am I? Some may say a human-being. But.. I lack emotion on my surface, but it swells in my core. I laugh with this generation, but I do not chuckle inside.
Its always been hard growing up with a sister who slams on you, thinking you were never good enough,  using every chance she gets to make you feel unaccomplished and worthless. I want to make her eat her words, and show her I am good enough.
When Life gives you lemons, they say When Life expects you to make sweet lemonade, When they expect you to follow Life's bitter rules When you wished you knew what to do 
I’m shattered I’m a broken piece of the world Trying to climb out of the pit of despair Yet I still dream Of a better tomorrow
I am beaten. I am broken. I am forced into a mold, with no hope of escape. With an iron grip they hold me. My actions, controlled with impatiance and cruelty.   But my mind remains free.
Abrasive and Bawdy, Calamitous, Determined, Explosive, Fun, Gaudy. At first glance I am so self-assured, 
Deep within the shadows there's a me you've never seen She hides within the darkness shrouded in endless mystery I keep her locked up nice and tight she never sees the light   There's just no guarantee
My tongue is rolling, twiriling and clicking.  My lips are pressing against tongue and cheek.  My throat erupts in a sound uncertain. Trying to conjure words of language whose dialect has been long lost. 
Behind these brown eyes
Behind these eyes shows who I really am What you have seen , is just a mask I look so brave with fire in my eyes But in my heart there is a surprise I seem strong and always happy
Counting the calories, Secretly loving each bite, Is being skinny Worth all this fight? Seeing your hipbones? Collarbones too? Searching for a thigh gap, even though there's so much "you"?
I often hide behind a false identity. They think I'm boring, because they don't know anything. If they could only see me for who I truly am. But I won't allow it, because sadly, I'm too fat.
A mask, is not just something you wear on your face, it is what can covering up the true you, Why wear this mask? Why do I wear mine? I wear my mask to hide my fear, my fear of failure.
You are a wild entity that I must tame You can bring glory, you can bring shame. A tightrope of the most delicate kind You and humility must be intertwined. On my quest for success and perfection
My eyes slowly open wide  my eyes see the blackened room around me. It's time to start another day, Its time to fake another me. Another day of the same old things, another day of the same routine 
Never again will I be the girl you call only when you want something.
Behind the curtain There is nothing uncertain The world is mine to control   Away from the safety of my oasis There is a basis In the statement I am going to make
Avearge. Never really thought of as a "harmful" word.
Externally there's smiles and joy
The print has faded From the movie ticket of our first date, Just as our love has done.   I still think about you
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
Life hasn't been seen At the age of sixteen. Yet decisions must be made Before the choices can be weighed.
Bump bump bump  Bump bump bump  Do you hear that? Ah amazing  Beautiful, gracious, pure, dark light  It is so beautiful 
A cold person.
I'm the cheerleading everyone hears yelling her heart out at every game. The girl who helped send the softball team to state. I'm the girl that's always smiling or laughing. But at night I'm someone completely different.
  Give me hope, Humanity- I'm livin' in a nightmare. Praying for better dreams;   Jesus weeps As he hears the  Screams of the  Saints.  The holy shouts.
Behind my mask I hide far from eveythig just out of judgement's reach just out of presure's sight jus out of pain's grasp just out of stress's glimps Behid my mask I hide keeping hiddden
  The girl behind the curtain I sat beside myself for years pushing and pushing to just fight. Fight for yourself. Fight for your dreams. But fear constantly holds me down like a crucifix on my chest.
What people don’t see is the society Crumbling under the pressure of standards Standards As in requirements that need to be met in order for the simple human to be temporarily satisfied Satisfied
She's so innocent, so sweet Quiet girl, bustling world Why can't she break free? Why can't she scream? Never being noticed or seen So badly she wants the world to see 
To others who am I?
Take the lives , take the lives for what you are
I pry my eyes open to see a strength beyond my own keeping me locked in behind a blanket yet unknown   This force that hides my thoughts, my life from ones i love and dont
If you turn me inside out You shall not find mere biological organs You will encounter an eager soul Yearning to fully investigate the world That lies beyond my flesh and skin
Is my nature free? I will not laugh nor shout And engulf in reverie   And then I say I am the sea   The moon the glowing orb Is a friend to some but not the swirling sea
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
We are the Ones. The beaten, the broken, the abused.   We are the Silent. Bearing our agony with closed mouths. The quiet, the strong, the mute. We are the Patient.
from The pitch of the notes to the way the words form a quote. Music is deep,a story to be told different for everybody, young or old. The way the music flows from notes high to low
The man behind the curtains The face behind the veil Hides one thats so uncertain The wall that many fail to scale   Why is he so guarded? they ask Who is he down in there?
I can sit here and dread over all the negatives                                                                          Of what I'm not. But it won't really change who I am. 
If you arent in a sport, You aren't "popular."   If you don't smoke or drink, You aren't "cool."   If you read away reality, You are a nerd   If you fail a class,
I am only a girl,a girl with a heartand a soul made of glass.   A girl who walks alone,keeping to herself.I am just a mysteryto the world passing by.  
Singers Sing Drumers Hit Bassists Bass Guitarists Strum We SHOUT We Cry We Sing We Dance To The Beat Of The Drum They Hug We Tell Our Stories They Listen
No one sees and no one can find What I hide beneath this facade of mine Constantly wanting for what cannot be Constantly wishing for a better school, A better life, And better friends
See the smile,  she presents so sweetly to the world. The gleaming of her happiness an etched mask to those strangers. No one can tell the wounds she bears beneath her covered skin,
No one's perfect, and everyone carries a mask. Scoiety's specific and judgemental, you can never do anything right.   However, I think it's time, for people to unveil themselves.
No one undestands what it means To be alone To be ignored To eat your lunch in the library Hidden behind stacks of books So no one can see your shame To look at your feet when you walk
There is a lion inside But I have stage fright. 
The Social Phobic Poem
Who am I? The one cowering on the floor as the crowd walks by Fear rips through my body The anxiety tears at my heart with its needle-sharp nails My breathing increases as my attack starts
I am stardust and fireworks, I am a work of art,
  What I have trouble with constantly Is what I am ashamed of the most People look at me and say that girl is so extraordinary She can be herself without worrying about being ordinary
The Time is here, Our final year; hurray we cheer to our senior year. Friday night lights, and football games, homecoming dance It's out senior year!
I C.Y.L.E Yea I’m the friend you guys are always excited to see, But truly am I, or is it just the thought that I’m easily to hurt, Due to my ways of forgiveness and the way I am, nice!  
Peace. Love. Happiness.  Remsembles all my wants. My 'already haves' sofficated, buried six feet under my soul.
Brilliance, Radiance, and Joyance My life filled with so much love My heart secure in a glove Although I need to break out To show all what I am about My show lies in all I learn
The walls are black and the lines are blue The curtains are draping around you, For judgments there is no measure or amount But for understanding-
I am Funny Caring Witty Somethings you would never no about me
Being. Who we are. Hard to grasp, Yet easy to forget. Never really looking at ourselves. The time has come to let Us look in the mirror and see That who we are, Who we will become
The Bully I hear their ugly words, echoing in my head. Ugly…Worthless…Nobody… I wish you were dead! Words cut deep, can’t you see?
This word has ten letters That cut away at my sanity This word is like a drug It ruins my life Each letter individually brands itself into me So that I will always remember them
My smile will not fade away; No, not until my dying day. I must stay strong For those who do not care.   My heart is surely breaking, A wineglass dropped on the ground Without a second thought.
I might not be the best But that's up to you Whether you think I'm good or not I don't have a clue Sometimes we are to afraid to speak So we hide behind our curtain Not knowing what beauty we hold
The girl you see each and everyday You know exactly the one that I mean Well the image of her is leading you astray, She’s not the girl that she seems.   On the outside she may be all smiles
Left on the table edge, can't keep it in much longer, Pushed to the edge of my limits, can't give anymore, Fear boils inside of me,
She is a hyprocrite Full of contraditions  And consumed with a nonconformist spirit She desires to be loved Yet all she visualizes is hate
From innocent birth to a peaceful death, the wheels of a hearse become our last breath.   For those who believe, and for those who dismay; there is such a place, to where all may stay.
I hate it when people judge me  Acting as if they know what I'll be  It's just an average day i go through Pretending to be happy is all i know how to do   I dont know if im willing to fight
Beneath the mask is a life unknown But to some life beneath the mask is all they know.   The thoughts that spin through their head at night And the smiles faked in the morning light.  
Sweetly orchestrated is the music of which we live by. Birthed by emotions of hearts so stirred. To start off as nothing but a feeling, a thought, a word, it takes on the form of note. Sustained.
I am not my depression.
Way Back when I was never thin But the desire to be in- The in crowd Grew out of control I was never myself I was never Pres in the public eye I was always who they pictured me to be
No job, no money
She lays on her bed
I may seem quiet, shy and weak. But inside I am more powerful that anyone could ever imagine...I just need be able to step up to the plate.
Expect this, expect that You think you know her like the back of your hand You see her with a smile
Pull back all the curtains, Open all the doors. Set loose all the captives, ‘Til darkness is no more.   Cry aloud for freedom, Spread the truth abroad, Make liberty your banner,
My ears captured the bells from afar. Though my eyes rest,I know exactly where we are. I can feel the throbbing pain, before I even stand. Why must I wear these? Who exactly am I trying to be,
Double zero? Half of twenty. Hourglass? Don't have time. Smaller waist? I like bacon. Perky C's? Saggy DD's. Spanx and shape wear, I can hardly breathe.
I could erase that lonely feeling  Of you leaving me that day I could take all of the pictures Of you and me out of my photo album And throw them all away  But no matter what I do
Terray Lorin Decker.I am unique, different, but somehow, wrong.“Trey?”“Terry?”
I am not the house I grew up in. I am not the family I grew up with. I am not the words they used to put me down.
And then I cried Lost in an air of vague and blind Found at the bottom of a beer can Only drunken minds seem to make sense Expressioning emotion oppose to logic
The person everyone see's
Like the continuously ticking clock, all day and all year The constant pressure on your chest You are filled with the paranoia and thought of having no control It is the feeling of drowning in the open mouth of the river
I am brave I am strong 
Faded flowers decorate the yard Stones stand still They don't judge They don't argue They sit In silence Waiting On You  So You  Talk To Them  Them  Agreeing 
Oh no, I have nothing to hide. Never in my life have I tried. I have always been happy! I will never be sappy. Not that my parents bother me, Nor is it ever a biggie. All that matters is your glee;
I'm quiet and soft small and all smiles gentle handshakes and deep blushes   That's me around new people   I speak my mind loudly to anyone who listens as many times as it takes
You think you have me all figured out, Not so. The things that you see is definitely not me, I’ve grown The things that made you talk about me
You taught us to be just But there is no justice. You taught us to save people But they are dying in the streets. You taught us to love But hatred runs deep in our blood. You taught us to live
Sometimes I feel like the hands of a clock Always rushing down, down, down Falling into that deep, bottomless pit – Called “Time” – Something that used to be mine. Protests chime like discordant bells
I wanted to say, “I’m sorry” for the longest amount of time. I wanted to talk, To explain, To know how this crumbled under a fault of mine. Somehow I knew – You didn’t care You blamed me
What is truth? Blaine is a pain; that is the truth Riddles are survival The world crashes down Down Down And that is the truth.   Worlds in between worlds
If everyone saw who I really am, I can't, I won't, must hide.
There are many kinds of rebellion.
You see a teenager. Day to day, smiling awkwardly at those who pass.I see a little girl. Sitting all alone, trying to hide her face from those who look upon her.You see a senior, attending classes, not paying attention.
What heavy burdens a heart must carry From the times of love to the times of sorrow  But all will be good and new by tomorrow
All we know is that it hurts, it hurts to tell the truth it hurts to be left alone in the unknown like a broken toy or as if your date never showed up at your booth.  
Baby girl, why did you have to lie When you told me, that there was no other guy Now I'm all alone, in my home wanting to cry But I'm scared that if I cry all my tears out, drain out, I'll die
Life is like a box, when you open it's a surprise Then you realized, you are often criticized  By the clothes that you wear in your life If you're formal, it's not cool and if you sag, it's not right
I don’t even know me—too many years in the hiding. I’ve lost my face among the masks; every time I think I find myself, I find I’m trapped. I’m in a world where I’m stuck, because even when I hide my face my masks get struck.
Who are we to have a dream
The Wizard of Oz Hides Behind the Curtain because he is Afraid Of what people will think of his true Identity.   I Hide Behind the Curtain because I am Cautious
You see, weight is too much, The pounds are too much, The scale says "enough" But the numbers don't bluff.    Below layers of fat (Which really aren't there) 
“Still” by, GiGi Spata Captured, trapped, broken A mangled mouse in a trap Like a beautiful bird in a cage A precious puppy in a pound
Your edges are rough so is your attitude it seems  Why are you so angry? Why are you so mean? Are you loving? Do you care? You'd never know  The person I share... Aggressive... and rebellious 
Life is full of them The base that we all believe It maybe easy 
Something that was given at birth  Because It fits YOU
"I am judged by my personality,  By the emotions expressed upon my face.  But they don't know me.  I am merely a person who sees herself saved by grace, 
Caught inside a web I wove myself, I'm silent. A hand masks my pathetic attempts to break free; That hand is my own.   Pull back the curtain, Cast upon me the spotlight of shame,
I am a human being; I am loud and happy but, inside I’m sad and lonely.
Hidden Secrets A girl who is full of attitude is what you see A girl who is haunted by her dreams is what I see A girl who is full of pride is what you see
A petal is a petal A road is a road Then how come I am not you and you are not me Why do I hide? why do I fear my moves? is it cause I fear your thoughts? I dance to your beats 
To be broken inside is like pieces of broken  glass. Too many pieces to fix, Impossible to put back together. Not even the strongest glue can repair.   Brokeness is like water:
She lays down to watch him as he sleeps. His stomach rises a little as he breathes. An angel he looks like in his sleep, Yet he's hers to always keep.  She wonders what he dares to dream,
Masks have always scared me. I was never a fan of them,  I hated the Halloween aisle at the grocery store, I didn't want to try them on. They looked too real,  so I didn't want to touch them.
She enters the classroom, smiling from ear to ear I enter the classroom filled with fear She finds an empty chair right next to her friend I slide into the desk waiting for the day to end
A hushed, resigned, tailor Observed, a noiseless, patient spider spin, Past Apollo's race, With needlework of kin, Our pace pulls in the dawn.  
Lost in misty woods; howling animals yearn Nothing but eerie noises and colors of charcoal gray Once I find my way out, I’ll never return   Dead ends and no escape is my concern
This wall is what I call my home. Without it, I feel lost, foreign, and alone. It is a guard that protects the innermost part of me. To fade and to blend my culture into society.  
Alive I still am, despite the scars, and countless IV stabs. Fighting for life has been my strive. Numerous visits to labs, and hospitals become me.
Crystalize the memory & synchronize your chemical scheme, as the city underground travels through the blood stream ..of the young, the rich the old and poor..and the faces of the familiar across the crooked corridoors.
How do they look? I mean the Ones in the corner. They're People so lost in doubts, depression, and anxieties - Even pigeons don't notice them.  
The curtain GIRL: by Sontia Davenport I wonder why, why I act Like something I’m not, is it because of my friends my family Or is it just me
Many of you see what you want. You see curves in her hips,
(Before I was saved, This was me)  --------------------------------------------
 I believe i can make it.
There once was a rose Attactive and sweet She reached to pluck the fragrant bud Only to be pricked with it's thorns  
Talk Talk Talk That is all I do I try to be perfect But me is exactly what they see through Slam Behind the Curtain Now you see the truth I may seem confident But I am just a sweet tooth
You see me ,but you do not really see the true me.
When will we go to clarity and get out out of confusion. Grasping the preceptions of ourselves based on the media's illusions.
I, do not like me. I am the opposite of normal, the reason you can't sleep. I am the tears you hold back when your heart is breaking. I am the smile in over the years you have perfected in faking.
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
What you see is a girl... a girl who got it all figured out
Ask me how I hide behind a curtain, I could tell you about the time I spent in a closet About how I was so far deep even I didn't know I was there for a while
White people think navajoes are a discrimination to "their" land. "Thier" land where these monsters assume they can control our navajo pride. Our culture is what syntheisize us as navajoes and what makes us who we are.
I choose life over death. I choose living with the rest. Fighting, fighting through hell. Ringing all these bells for help.
One smile. Frozen in place. I didn't know there were others. Walking along the hallways. With their cliques. Talking about everything and nothing.
You were never the one who got tests hung up on the fridge and you never handled a ball well enough  to earn a trophy or attention. You were never your sister, who had
Stale eyes stare Jaded and filled with lost hope Who is left to care In world filled with detest   Humanity is losing its way People define others without knowing There isn't much left to say
Words their beautiful some damaging others uplifting Tu Amor I love you being thrown around like tossed salad where's the dressing the feelings being  involved not everybody loves the vegetables dumped into a bowl of
He leads you by the hand, You gaze into his eyes as the moonlight shines and glistens Wrong move...gather around ladies zip it - listen. Where is your pride my child, where is your self respect 
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