My Caged Lion


There is a lion inside

But I have stage fright. 

Only some people will see, who is truly me. 

The prowless inside growls and roars

A side of me so few know. 

It's hard to feed my hunger,

For love and affection,

Left cold and empty from all the abandonment.

A smile inside, a frown outside

Dont get too close or I might bite!

Scared of what I crave

I feel mentally insane

Trapped in too small a cage.

No matter how much I cry, people walk on by.

I'm just a big scaredy cat

And they can all see, only I can set myself free.

There is a lion inside

One that's proud, one that roars

Bringing brightness to the world

Not ashamed of my untamed mane!

Don't care that I'm strange!

Completely myself and doesn't need help

Not afraid to be judged, knowing all I have to give is love

So why do I hide?

The circus isn't for me

I need to find sanctuary

Where I'm wild, and free


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