Who are We?

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 17:46 -- Lynxee


We are the Ones.

The beaten,

the broken,

the abused.


We are the Silent.

Bearing our agony with closed mouths.

The quiet,

the strong,

the mute.

We are the Patient.

The calm,

the accepting,

the peaceful.


But to you and your kind,

We are the Sinners.

The rioters,

the unclean,

the angry.

We are the Unworthy.

The filthy,

the unpure,

the wrong.


And you walk with your heads 



It is little wonder you cannot see.


That We are the Educated.

The knowledgeable,

the learned,

the wise.

We are the Teachers.

The scholars,

the proffessers,

the students.


With your distaste for fact

and reality.



You cannot see

the change.


We are Rising.

Becoming more,

becoming stronger,

becoming smarter.


And you

with your closed eyes choose not

to see.


We are Rising.

And when we are stong enough,

we will come.




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