Life's Bitter Lemons

Mon, 11/03/2014 - 14:42 -- ModBird


When Life gives you lemons, they say

When Life expects you to make sweet lemonade,

When they expect you to follow Life's bitter rules

When you wished you knew what to do 

Because Life's expectations blend cruelly with the "truths" of reality

Polished, pretty Barbie dolls are the dreams of little girls

Chasing the newest trends, repeating ideals I've already seen.

And perpetuating a notion of beauty being power

Their armies of long hair and slender limbs disillusioning the children

Little girls craving the attention of the ballerina, the model, the muse.

I don't fit their ideals, my spikey hair dyed platinum, my idea of fashion

The false pretense, playing strong, faking confidence

But Knowledge is my sword, my Excaliber

My beauty is hidden in the stone

And I dream to be the gem of the generation

Hoping to sow a seed of inspiration,

Changing the bitter lemons of life to 

the sweetness of surpassing dreams

Of becoming bigger and better

Being who I am because I can and I will

Becoming more than the shy, the quiet, and untraditional


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