This Earthly Tent

This curtain… this façade… this false front, by which we hide ourselves, isn’t always as safe as it may seem. Though sheer from both sides, we believe to be hidden. 

We linger there to obscure our face… our actions… our true feelings. This cloak separates us from the outside world so we don’t have to face it like a soldier without armor. Vulnerable and defenseless.

When threatened by others not ensnared in this trap, we bind our disguise tightly around our hesitant, trembling form, lest our true self should be exposed. We sincerely want others to know our pain, but that is much too daunting.

We long for the freedom and light we have seen. Though vague, these shadows entice our heart as they penetrate the thin lining of our reclusive world.

We must learn to disentangle our sweaty palms from that delicate veil and take a chance! There is One waiting for the moment we leave our charade behind and choose to trust in His power, knowing He will lead us to face the world with a shining countenance and renewed confidence in His everlasting arms.


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