The Ones In The Corner


How do they look? I mean the

Ones in the corner. They're

People so lost in doubts, depression, and anxieties -

Even pigeons don't notice them.


Our culture parades the strong, decorates the heroic, loves the perfect ones, but the

"Ugly," the "weak," the ones who need more than just ho-hum "You'll be okay" responses...

They're the ones stuck in the corner.


"Reputation, popularity doesn't matter," the

Education system says.

Apparently, it matters too much. Why? The.

Corner. Exists.


Hope. It's


Reaching out to the

Ones in the corner. It's human.


Just imagine reaching

Every child in the

Corner To Write Love On Their Arms.

To Engrave Hope On Their Heart.


*I am the proud founder of Hope Outreach Project, a tumblr based blog dedicated to reaching the ones in the corner.

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