Life is Real


Highland Park, Michigan
221 Candler
United States
33° 45' 23.76" N, 84° 23' 16.8" W

Life is like a box, when you open it's a surprise

Then you realized, you are often criticized 

By the clothes that you wear in your life

If you're formal, it's not cool and if you sag, it's not right

Yeah, I know the truth bites

But if we are hammered for our opinions, who else will stand tall and fight

For the truth, that others try to hide 

Because they know how it feels to keep the pain inside

And whenever you try to escape from the past

The haters in your path, bring it up and make fun of you as they laugh

Trying to lower your esteem and make you feel bad

Just don't take it personal, ignore and be glad

That you seperated yourself from the flakes

And yes, being an outsider may sometimes ache

But in the long run,  you will become the person you ought to be

And realize that all along, you were trainning to overcome a journey


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