3rd Person


She is a hyprocrite

Full of contraditions 

And consumed with a nonconformist spirit

She desires to be loved

Yet all she visualizes is hate

She is a product of her enivornment awaiting to be transformed into what society envisions her to be

But did she mention that she depies the society she lives in

For the way she conceals her inner demons and the way she caresses her insecurities in the dark

Noone understands that the man behind the mirror is actually a girl attempting to discover herself

Within the perceptions of what everyone  believes she should be within the size of a fashion model who is advertised of what she should look like

And how the pigment of her face is "just"  not bright enough

So lost that I tend to refer to mysel in third person

Because in first person I'm "just" not good enough

So lost that she tends to forget the uplifting lips as they coax into a smile to halt the attention of a daydreamer

Since day dreamers are the only ones who seem to be dreaming

Dreaming.. just dreamin of a day when "SHE"... no I find the beauty within my beast


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