I am stardust and fireworks

I am stardust and fireworks,

I am a work of art,

I am more than just my past,

I have faith, and I have heart,


Some days I lay down thinking

‘Bout dreams, and truths, and hopes,

Each night I am evolving,

Each hour more, I grow,


I’m fighting for the underdog,

I care so much it hurts,

There’s so much to keep learning

About how this whole world works


Don’t limit me with your small views

Of how I ought to live,

I’m infinite, I’m beautiful,

And I shall never give


A single fuck for what you think

I am and how I work,

I’m more than what I’ve shown to you,

I’m filled with hidden quirks.


You say I just don’t understand

Tell me, what don’t I see?

My passion’s burning, heart is yearning,

Stomach churning, thoughts are storming,

You can’t ignore me, I’m too strong

I will break free; it won’t be long


A few things, stray, I’ve left to say

For one thing (hey, surprise!) I’m gay.

My God’s not yours, mine teaches love,

And not to hate, and not to judge


I’m not this mold you’ve put me in

I’m more than just my early sins

I’ve grown but you will never see

This newfound soul that I call ‘me’


Because you’ve thrown me in a box

Swallowed the key and locked the locks

But things got in, they let me learn

To find myself, to be reborn


I am the void, I am divine

I’m universal, watch me shine

I’m not that girl you thought you knew

But soon you’ll see what I can do


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