Inside the Servers Mind


Externally there's smiles and joy

"Hi, how are you today?"

"Im fantastic! And you?"

Inside it's not meant-

It's void, it's untrue

But outside it's the expected

The rules! I must subdue


It makes not a difference to which day

It could be great...or much worse, but the issue still remains

The more I wish to obtain,

The faker my jubilance must be played


I am not very open

I have a short hand of friends

I talk very little and enjoy silent nights in

But at work I am forced to be a whole other person


Something consumes me!

My person, my grin

I must have an open and friendly relation


My motivation, my goal

Is the money for the road

But inside my true being is to be put on hold

Put on hold says the man with my check in his hand

And my peaceful inversion is disguised by demand

Again, I must subdue!

But please dont be fooled

It's only a mirage, my commitment, nothing true.


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