Counting the calories,Secretly loving


Counting the calories,

Secretly loving each bite,

Is being skinny

Worth all this fight?

Seeing your hipbones?

Collarbones too?

Searching for a thigh gap,

even though there's so much "you"?

Hating yourself

For eating an apple

When you really should be

Drinking diet snapple?

Being afriad of the scale?

Of seeing your weight?

Looking at the " perfect girls"

and wishing you hadn't ate?

Is it worth losing your hair

clump by clump?

Running into something lightly

And leaving with a lump?

I know how you feel

I've been there, done that

And at the end of the day

I still felt fat.

I let words hurt me,

Scar me for life.

I let these words drive me

right under the knife.

I let society make me

Into something im not.

Now heres a lession

I wish I'd been taught-

Straving yourself

Is never really right.

Trust me, it isn't

Worth all the fight.


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