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You think you have me all figured out,

Not so. The things that you see is definitely not me,

I’ve grown

The things that made you talk about me

I’ve shown.

Now that you are understanding it's

“I’m blown" 


I am more then things unimagined, I am the typical me

The lyrical me, the outgrown; spiritual me

It’s destined of me, I’m destined to be who I say I am

Look me in my eyes and say you know who I am

I could’ve fooled you, behooved you, assumed you; would understand by now,

Not so.


I am beauty skin deep,

yousee outward apperance

I am smart 

I am witty

I am dark,

but Im pretty

I can be timid

but I can be gritty


I am being unmasked and now you see no face behind it.

I expose myself but now you're blinded

Must you be reminded you painted your own vivid image of me? 

Played your little scrimmage with me

Now you're trying to get rid of me 


I am being unmasked yet you dont want me to take it off

Why is that?

Are you scared that I'll be white? Are you scared that I'll be black?

It was all a stage a freak show

A up hill, a peep hole


You think you have me all figured out ,

Not so. Now I am unmasked watch my story unfold.




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