The Girl Behind the Curtain

The girl you see each and everyday

You know exactly the one that I mean

Well the image of her is leading you astray,

She’s not the girl that she seems.


On the outside she may be all smiles

But on the inside she is scared to death

Each day is just another trial

She takes it all in breath after breath.


Stress is her biggest enemy

She can’t tell a single soul

She just doesn’t know how to remedy

To get through with no problems is her only goal.


Her responsibilities only help to weigh her down

All she wants is to be set free

Sometimes she feels as though she may drown

Why can’t people just let her be?


That girl you know

She sounds very familiar

There is one of her in us all below

Just look hard enough into the mirror


She’s there, you’ll see

That girl you know?

That girl is me.


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