Through The Looking Glass


Many of you see what you want.

You see curves in her hips,

Makeup on her face,

A smile that can trick you into thinking that everything is ok.

You see features of a grown woman,

A woman who looks like she’s on the right track.

But do you really see her?

Do you see the sorrow in her smile,

As men recycle her?

Do you see the scars on her heart,

From wounds that have never fully healed?

Do you see the fear in her eyes,

As she begins to open up to you?

To answer that,

You don’t.

Do you feel her soul wither,

As she sheds those never ending tears?

As love gets up and tells her that it no longer wants to see her?

As days go by,



     And purposeless?

You would never know

Until you look through the looking glass. 


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