Slam Behind the Curtain Scholarship Slam

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 18:59 -- kmina


Your edges are rough

so is your attitude it seems 

Why are you so angry?

Why are you so mean?

Are you loving? Do you care?

You'd never know 

The person I share...

Aggressive... and rebellious 

Really is compassionate 

Or sentimental

possesses a kind heart 

and many science medals 

I cannot see well

So I wear glasses 

Oh, and I'm quite passive 

don't pay attention to the person you see

because it is not me 

look deeper with your heart 

and the truth will start

to surface

I'm an eccentric person 

the bad one I show isn't on purpose 

it's a defense mechanism

to fend off malice

just know one thing about the person

behind the curtain

is for certain 

she has been hurt 

and wants to prevent 

anymore hurtin



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