You see me ,but you do not really see the true me.

I hide behind a curtain so dark and cold,but no one will ever know.

My dear I fear it’s more complicated than it may seem.

I’m hiding from the world ,because society has hurt me..

I believe it’s about time to tell you why I hide.

I hide behind the dark curtain because i’m afraid of who I’ve become.

Since I was little,it’s been a constant battle not to die.

I’ve been bullied,judged,depressed ,because I wasn’t someone society desired.

I have self harmed,cried and nearly died and that’s why I hide.

The world frightens me to a certain degree,but only because i’m afraid of who I’ve become.

Everyone used to say that I wasn’t worth anything,because I wasn’t perfect for society.

I cry behind this curtain thats became a wall,so I’ll just sit here till I have become perfect.

Therefore I’ll just wait to be what society desired for me to be.



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