Navajo Power


White people think navajoes are a discrimination to "their" land. "Thier" land where these monsters assume they can control our navajo pride. Our culture is what syntheisize us as navajoes and what makes us who we are. This once upon a time angelc land that we navajoes call the reservation is were we originated from. This life is what we have chosen. Barbarians think of my people as drunks, hoarders and pathertic animals to this sacred world. We are not entirely all drunks and don't care about anything. As a new generation, we all care about our "Beauty Way of Life". We walked and cared for our region in our own traditional ways. This land was exquisite before the white poeple displayed their beastly ways Their policy affected our tradional ways and lives but we stronger that that! Us, navajoes need to express our navajo language, our beauty way of life, we need to scream out that we can do something too! We eed to premeditate what navajos are made of: BRAVERY, STRENGTH, and COURAGE!!! 

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