Eating Myself Alive Behind the Curtains

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 17:10 -- azgrace


What I have trouble with constantly

Is what I am ashamed of the most

People look at me and say that girl is so extraordinary

She can be herself without worrying about being ordinary

She does not care about her looks or display

 My appearances are different compared to others

But the truth is I make myself stand out due to fear of be nothing but a piece of stone

My mask is so hidden beneath me its covering my insecurities of being alone

Being un-noticed, under-appreciated and un-loved

That mask is what’s truly eating me alive

I can’t expect to honestly be myself with another’s face placed among my own

I have to break the plaster that’s holding myself back

What is concealing me from escaping this disgrace

I need to remember just who had placed me onto this place

For although I am not worthy of love

Yet somehow still I get noticed by a King from high above

My mask no longer conceals my actions

I am my own individual putting my life right on track

To God I owe my life it is my duty to be myself and speak his word out to every single one and faction 


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