Fri, 09/26/2014 - 21:36 -- Mpowers



Hiden behind confidence


and fools

Laying under sunlight 

white clouds 

and colors 

Flying above Earth 


and God 

Guarted beside friends 


and riches

Standing infront of family



and love

But..... these are all lies

Everything you see is false

I might be able to trick  you 

but I can't deceive myself 

My confidence is denial 

My assertiveness is really me running

           and the fools are dirty and shameful 

                     My sunlight is rain under the moon

My white clouds are growing darker

and my colors are black and white

My Earth is the grave I dug for myself

                   You are my secret

 and my God is the only one that ignores my words                                                         My friends are the enemies that I keep 

My popularity is the rat's cage I'm in 

and my riches are none 

My family is shattered and broken

My faith is leaving me 

and love has never touched my lips

I hope you hate me 

Please, hate me 

So I can be safe from myself... and you








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