Echoing Voices

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 19:00 -- jawan23


The Bully

I hear their ugly words, echoing in my head.

Ugly…Worthless…Nobody… I wish you were dead!

Words cut deep, can’t you see?

They affect others as well as me.

For what reason do you have to tease?

Can I be myself, pretty please?

Your constant abuse keeps me on my knees.


You are always bullying the boys that are alone,

Just for having an identity of their own.

I say words don’t hurt as I speak of your dirt,

But in your words, I seem to be more and more,

An ugly, worthless, nobody that you seem to ignore.


I am left lonely and broken as my mind is just soakin

Words that make me feel dreadful and fearful as my eyes are so tearful.

I am a prisoner of my mind because

A bully’s gesture has made me blind!



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