The curtain GIRL: by Sontia Davenport


The curtain GIRL: by Sontia Davenport

I wonder why, why I act

Like something I’m not,

is it because of my friends my family

Or is it just me

I always say you don’t know the real me

but in actuality I don’t know me

Do I like to talk do I like to fight

Or do I like to sing and look into the night

I sat here and let the world conform me into this robot

that goes with the flow, that follows the crowd,

And moves the way the wind blows

What do I really like, what makes me happy

I should be able to tell you right,

Well I can I love to sing, dance, act and play

I am a caring person, very respectful and trustworthy

But how do I take that from the inside out,

They don’t have a tutorial for that on YouTube,

No one is writing books and telling stories about that either!

So what does that mean?

Does that mean I can’t do it,

does that mean that it is impossible?

No it just means that I have to do it myself

And guess what it’s not hard

because just last May

I was that girl that hides behind the curtain

But now I am proudly in front. wi no worries

That ME


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