But is this really me?

I am not the house I grew up in.
I am not the family I grew up with.
I am not the words they used to put me down.

They said I couldn't make it to college,
They said I would fail.
But I am on the journey to prove them wrong.

I am not the mistakes I have made.
I am not the loss my life has dealt with.
I am not the conflicts that have, at times, held me back.

So many things in life can really hold people back,
I know.
But there is no beauty in a perfect life,
There is only conflict. Nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter.

But I know,
I am
a sociable girl
an independent girl
a mature girl
an intelligent girl
and most of all,
I am myself.

I will only ever be myself,
and I could not be happier.


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