Society's Camouflaged Secret

No one's perfect,

and everyone carries a mask.

Scoiety's specific and judgemental,

you can never do anything right.


However, I think it's time,

for people to unveil themselves.

It's their life, no one else's.


If we keep letting society control us,

who's to say we'll ever be free.

We'll always be prisioners of this life we were brought into.

And there's nothing we can do about it they say.


They're wrong.

It's not what we can't do, it's what we can.


Because thats's why we're here.


To help each other,

to laugh, to smile, and to have fun.

We have one life so if we keep hiding behind society's curtain,

they win and we lose.


We need to be confident in ourselves,

and push our limits.

We need to realize that what the "cool kids" say,

isn't even what they believe.


It's what they force themselves to pretend to believe.

They have masks too, but they are painted even heavier.

They only act "cool", in order to maintain their "cool" mask.

It's not who they are, it's not them.


Society's wrong,

and should not have the power to shape humans. 

To make them do things they wouldn't ordinarily do,

and be who they are not.


However, people do it. We do it.

We do it to fit in, to be like everyone else.

But it's time to change that, to reveal ourselves.

Because the strong self is the real self. 




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